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We Love Shooting in Manual {Lesson Four}

Students have so much fun in this lesson!  It’s all about shutter speed, and we challenged them to take a photo of a fast moving subject, and try to freeze or capture the motion.

The lesson four challenge of our  Enthusiast Photography Course further develops their skills with shooting their DSLRs in manual mode. Shutter speed is one of the three elements of exposure and is how we eliminate the unwanted blur we get when we use our cameras in auto.

I love that when our students were practicing the challenges that are designed to help them understand how shutter speed affects their shot, that they still managed to think creatively to produce shots that are pleasing to the eye.

Here are some of our favourites from the challenges.

Suzie Bell

Ruth Arkins

Pam Telfer

Mimi Ghisellini

Mercedes Calderon

Shooting in manual mode

Amber Taube

Melanie Fidanza

Lynda Matthews Gowin

Bianca Dunstan

Cee Mazz

Claire Louise Byrne

Deborah Wyman


We love to celebrate our students’ achievements by sharing some of our favourite images from each lesson. If you’d also like to start improving your photography and take photos you love – check out our Free 7 Day Photography Challenge that you can jump into straight away!





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