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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

Looking for inspiration on what to shoot?

In the right light, with creative framing and mindful settings, any subject at all can make an artful image. Even a wilting bloom as graduate Hannah Granger has shown.

Hannah’s beautifully rich and textured photo has made it into our Click Love Grow highlights reel, which is a collection of our favourite ten images taken over the last week, by members of our talented Click Love Grow community.

Some were shot by graduates, and others have come from students in our current Enthusiast Photography Course.

This week our students studied aperture, which is one of the three elements of exposure in photography and is responsible for those gorgeous blurry backgrounds that we all love! Students are always so excited when they finally discover how to control the blur! The lesson challenge was to take two shots of the same subject, adjusting their aperture to affect their background blur, whilst achieving matching exposures in each.

We’re very proud of their work… what do you think?

what is exposure triangle

Hannah Granger – Graduate

online photography lessons for beginners

Donna Donoghue – Current Enthusiast Student

how to use natural light

Alicia Smith – Graduate

why are my photos too dark

Leeza Wishart – Current Enthusiast Student

how to use a dslr in manual mode

Merissa Wakefield – Advanced Graduate

how to shoot in manual

Charlotte Smith – Current Enthusiast Student

lifestyle photography for beginners

Aimee Rogers – Advanced Graduate

what is bokeh

Kecia Killian – Current Enthusiast Student

why are my photos blurry

Melissa Macklin – Advanced Graduate

beginners photography lessons

Lemmie Grubbs – Current Enthusiast Student


Are you ready to take control of your DSLR, and learn the fundamentals of photography? Head here and register so you don’t miss out when our next Enthusiast Photography Course opens up.

If you’re already confident in manual mode, our Advanced Photography Course might be for you instead.

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