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Great product photos are filled with light.   Soft natural light is easy to use & will help show off & flatter your dishes for great images!  Check out these tips for finding your own soft light to take gorgeous shots! 1.  Seek out areas with soft (non-direct) light from windows and doorways, or set […]

Natural Light for Food Photography

Selling an old shoe on ebay… or proudly sharing your gorgeous new products online, you’re much more likely to generate interest with clear and beautiful images that show it off in the best light (literally). Reflect your branding If your business has an online presence it’s not only important that you show off your products […]

Simple product photography at home

Easy Photo Tip for Beginners Clear the Clutter This is the EASIEST way to take your photos from snapshot to professional looking photo too-day! Honestly, I used to not know this. I didnʼt see this… but when I did… BAM! I saw it all the time and voila… better photos. So what is it? Snapshot […]

Easy Photo Tip for Beginners – Clear the Clutter