Hello and welcome to our weekly Highlights Reel of inspiring Grad shot images! We’ve got a beautifully varied collection of genres today, including quite a few striking furbaby portraits that pull the heartstrings! Enjoy and try some of our included tutorials which are bursting with tips to help you hone your photography skills! Related: 21 […]

Highlights Reel – 32 Inspiring Featured Grad Images

Pet Photography – 8 Tips For Taking Beautiful Portraits of Your Dog

Have you ever wanted to try pet photography? Our Click Love Grow Grads shoot everything from portraits to macro, food to landscapes, and our Advanced Photography Course has helped many budding photographers find their niche. For Advanced Grad Corina Clarke, that niche is pet photography… specifically, dogs. We adore seeing all the stunning pet portraits […]

Natural light is loved by photographers far and wide… and it’s no wonder! It’s beautiful, easy to use, always available during day time, and free!! And even more importantly… it varies in quality to such an extent it’s a powerful creative tool. And so when we saw shot after shot using natural light to stunning […]

17 Photos Using Natural Light to Stunning Effect

12 Tips for Photographing Toddlers

Photographing toddlers with their endless curiosity for all.the.things, short attention span and super speed can be challenging! But Vicki Cardilini is a CLG Advanced Grad with loads of experience capturing her now two year old granddaughter Hazel, and today she’s sharing some fantastic tips! Read on to learn how to plan and shoot a toddler […]

For many people, photography is a passion. They love thumbing through albums of family memories, and you’ll find them constantly snapping away at family events and get togethers. But what happens when there’s a disconnect between the photos you envision yourself taking in your head, and the ones your camera produces when you click the […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Emily Lomax

Top down photo of baby on change mat

24 Striking Images to Inspire

This beautifully varied collection of images were all taken by our Grads and is today’s Highlights Reel, a Monday tradition at Click Love Grow. We’re really proud of our Grad’s and their immense talent, they inspire us every day and this weekly offering is a chance for us to show to show them off! Congrats […]

Generally we don’t set out to theme our weekly highlights reel of Grad photos. The purpose of the post is to simply show off our Grads, to give them back some love by taking the time to curate our faves, and give them the thrill of being featured somewhere outside of the socials. But sometimes […]

Highlights Reel – 30 Striking Bursts of Colour

Creative Editing: How to Use Photoshop Overlays

To put it in simple terms, Photoshop overlays, as the name suggest, are basically just one image placed over another  to add all manner of creative effects – light, colour, texture, composite elements, enhancements… the possibilities are endless! In this video, I’ll show you how to add an overlay to your image, inlcluding how to […]

Everyone seems to be outdoors and embracing their inner nature photographer lately! It definitely appeared as the overriding theme when I was curating photos for this week’s highlights reel of Grad shot images. So then I took a peek at the August challenge album in the Advanced Grad’s group, which happened to be themed “nature”… […]

32 Inspiring Nature Photos

Highlights Reel – 37 Scroll-stopping CLG Grad Images

Welcome to our regular weekly Highlights Reel of images from our community! As is our Monday tradition, we’ve gone for a stroll through our Grad’s group and curated our fave images taken by Grads, all of whom inspire us everyday with their incredible work! Please enjoy and check out some our popular tutorials! Related: 6 […]