I remember when my children were little and the years ahead felt like they would stretch on forever. Especially the time between birth and starting school, because those days were long. I have memories of days spent on my belly on the living room floor, trying to teach my daughter to roll over, or crawl, […]

A Short & Sweet Story of Motherhood

Directing a Professional Family Session – 3 Essential Tips From a Pro!

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Family Photoshoot Ideas If the idea of a family photoshoot makes you feel nervous, you’re definitely not alone! In fact, even the most seasoned professional photographers will admit to getting the old ‘butterflies in the tummy’ before taking family photos for someone else. It’s a feeling Click Love Grow Advanced Grad and professional child and […]

If you’re always the one taking pictures of your loved ones, you’ll miss being part of such sweet memories. It’s time to jump in the frame! Here are some great family picture ideas to get you started.    DIY Ideas For Family Pictures As mothers, we are so often the ones with a camera in […]

Family Picture Ideas: How To Take Your Own!

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Where Are You In Your Family Photos?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we got to thinking how important it is that we are seen in our family photos. After all, they tell the story of our children’s lives, and we are a big part of those little lives! Becca Lord-Lyon is a CLG Advanced Grad and now Course Instructor, and her […]

Every year about this time I’m starting to think about our annual family photo, because pop that baby into a beautiful frame and it’s pretty much the perfect Christmas present for the Grandparents! And one thing I always think about is… outfits! Whether you’ve booked a professional family session or you’re going to take your […]

What to Wear at Your Family Portrait Session