Ever wondered how those beautiful food photos in magazines and cook books are shot? Maybe you’ve envisaged a full team of chefs and stylists, lights and studio equipment. But the great news is, you don’t need any of that! Naomi Sherman graduated from our Enthusiast Photography Course back in 2014, and followed up immediately with […]

How To Take Magazine Worthy Food Photography At Home

how to be a food photographer

15 Delicious Food Pictures – A Beginners’ Guide To Food Photography

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Take Your Own Delicious Food Pictures With These Essential Tips Natural light food photography is a fabulously rewarding genre for SO many reasons, that I really want you to try it yourself! Firstly, you can do it in a very small space, even if you don’t have abundant natural light. What’s more, the main subject […]

21 Delicious Food Photos This week’s highlights reel is a celebration of our Beautiful Food Photography Creative Workshop, which just wrapped up last week! Over 4 week students were led through fun lessons and hands-on challenges by international award winning food photographer and cook book author Naomi Sherman. They learned all her secrets to her […]

21 Delicious Food Photos

A Lifestyle Food Photography Guide

Sally Frawley is a foodie who also loves photography. She’s also all about good coffee, cooking, high quality, locally produced food… and family. So it was a natural evolution that she would one day bring all of them together and photograph food in a lifestyle manner, enabling her to incorporate all her great loves into […]

Teaching women to do something that fills a space in their heart and brings them joy is incredibly fulfilling for myself and the CLG team. But sometimes (more often than we might realise) a student takes what we teach her and launches herself into the stratosphere, changing their life forever! Naomi Sherman is one of […]

Beautiful Food Photography – Edible Heirlooms by Naomi Sherman

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Food Photography Tips… and Rum Ball Recipe!

Food Photography Tips …and Lou’s Christmas Rum Ball Recipe! Do you love to bake AND show off your goodies once they’re ready with some fun food photography? The next best thing to a quiet afternoon in the kitchen is having your own keepsake recipe with beautiful images of the process!  Share with friends and family, […]