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“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”, said Pablo Picasso. Pablo was referring to the rules of art… but what does that statement even mean? If we break the rules, won’t the image just be wrong? That’s what I used to ask myself! But one day it made […]

5 Photography Rules You Should Break!

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate {Carla Yeo}

Carla Yeo is a memory keeper, and it’s that drive to record all of life’s special moments that saw her join our Enthusiast Photography Course. She took so much from it that she very enthusiastically undertook our Advanced Photography Course in 2016. Carla’s style emerged throughout our courses, and the result is stunning, golden light filled […]

Marnie Martil took part in our Advanced Photography Course in 2016. And since then her photography has continued to grow, helping her launch her photography business: Marnie M Photography. Marnie photographs newborns, maternity, children and families and she is based in the northern Australian country town of Dalby in Queensland. We love Marnie’s work, and particularly loved watching […]

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate {Marnie Martil}

Grad Feature {Alison Britten}

I can’t believe it’s almost two years ago since we first chatted to Click Love Grow Graduate, Alison Britten, fresh out of our Enthusiast and Advanced Photography Courses she shared with us her progress and journey so far in 2014!  Back then her photography goal was to get out of auto… and it’s fair to say […]

Almitra Hill has a unique eye for fabulously quirky compositions and creative light. It was almost exactly one year ago that we interviewed this Advanced Course graduate, just as she was beginning to explore alternative shooting techniques. Since then we’ve watched her personal style emerge with delight (and a lot of pride!), so much so […]

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate Almitra Hill

how to shoot freelens

Featured Advanced Graduate {Amanda Jane Dalby}

diy family photograhy

  Mandy’s work has been featured many times on our Instagram and Facebook, and sometimes we may be a little too gushing, but we really love her work and think she has a unique, and beautiful style… which we’re thrilled to share with you! Mandy hails from Surrey (just outside London), and you’d never guess from […]

We’re chatting to Emma Shaw today, she’s based in Noosa, Australia and she participated in our maiden course way back in 2014! Emma was hugely enthusiastic, taking our lessons to her heart and running with her new knowledge. In fact, Emma was one of many students at the time whose hunger to advance their photography […]

Featured Advanced Graduate {Emma Shaw}

Learning maternity photography

CLG Grad Community Stories {Wedding, Bunbury, Western Australia}

online photography classes

We LOVE sharing our CLG Grad Stories with you… we’re so lucky to have some of the most lovely and amazing women as part of our community AND talented to boot! Our Click Love Grow Story this week is shared by Kristin Calder and Toni Laws from Western Australia, who found themselves shooting a wedding […]

  Can you tell by now how amazingly proud we are of our Grads and how much we love our ongoing community!  I think facebook needs to add a “beaming chest” emoji, I think I’d give it a fair work-out! But once our courses finish up, our students don’t go it alone, they jump over […]

Grad Community Stories {Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia}

photography lessons for women

Featured Advanced Graduate {Audra Stanton}

Audra Stanton, Advanced Course grad, chats to us about how the course helped her overcome her frustration at not being able to realise the visions she had in her head for her photos. “Before starting the Click Love Grow courses I was a very happy snapper, always taking photos (especially of landscapes, nature, travel, food […]