We’re chatting to Emma Shaw today, she’s based in Noosa, Australia and she participated in our maiden course way back in 2014! Emma was hugely enthusiastic, taking our lessons to her heart and running with her new knowledge. In fact, Emma was one of many students at the time whose hunger to advance their photography […]

Featured Advanced Graduate {Emma Shaw}

Learning maternity photography

Grad Community Stories {Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia}

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  Can you tell by now how amazingly proud we are of our Grads and how much we love our ongoing community!  I think facebook needs to add a “beaming chest” emoji, I think I’d give it a fair work-out! But once our courses finish up, our students don’t go it alone, they jump over […]

Hello and Happy New Year! It’s wonderful to start the year with our first 2016 course kicking off last week with over 100 wonderful women from all over the world! Our first lesson as always is composition, where we teach our students how to purposely take better photos using proven compositional techniques. Check out some of […]

We Love {Week One}

Composition for beginners

We Love {Week Four}


This week is always the most popular challenge as our students play around with fast and slow shutter speeds to see the different ways it affects their photos. Shutter speed is one of the three elements of exposure and as well as giving us the control to freeze or capture the movement in a scene […]

One of the best things about our photography courses is that it’s not all over at the end of the course. Once we’ve completed the modules, our students move into our graduate community where they continue to learn and play in a fun, supportive group online. We love our grad group because we get to see our […]

Why Challenging Yourself is Important for Continued Growth

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Rana Rankin {Featured Photographer}


This month we interview the fabulous Rana Rankin, a photographer based on the Gold Coast & Northern NSW in Australia.  Rana specialises in newborn, family and birth photography, which seems a natural step for an uber talented photographer who also happens to be a qualified midwife with oodles of experience in birthing rooms. Rana’s galleries feature incredibly beautiful and […]

Hello! It’s a very happy new year at Click Love Grow with our first course of 2015 launching last week! Our newest group of beginner photographers dived into the first lesson enthusiastically, to learn all about composition and how to purposefully take photos that are more WOW than snapshot. Here are just a few of […]

We Love {Week One}

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