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When I first started out in DSLR manual photography, some of the basic essentials that we need to know, worked against me to form some bad habits. Those habits inhibited both my creativity and my ability to produce a technically sound image under difficult circumstances. I soon discovered I wasn’t the only one. Once I […]

6 Habits You Need To Break For Better Photos

Overcoming the Fear of Starting… Two of my favourite sayings that I’ve stumbled across since starting a business and photography are ‘start before you’re ready’ and ‘done is better than perfect’… now these can be applied in a multitude of settings through life… but when it comes to creative pursuits and passions I think they’re perfectly […]

AUTO is the Perfect Place to Start!

This is a guest post from the fabulous Gray Tham, an award winning accredited children’s photographer (and mama to three!). Gray is the talent behind Simply Gray Photography and she has photographed hundreds of children and families in Melbourne, Australia and throughout the United States from her sometimes-home base of New York.  Gray shares with us […]

10 Tips for Awesome Kid’s Sport Photos

kids sports photography

ISO… it’s the mystery element of the exposure triangle. It’s confusing, you’re not sure what to do with it, and how it plays a role in helping you take great photos! I’ve been there, ISO used to confuse me too… but as we’re just looking at the Exposure Triangle in our Photography Courses this week I […]

ISO 101

Back Button Focus… What Is It? When we use auto focus, by default our cameras require us to half depress the shutter button in order to lock focus. Back button focussing is when we use a button on the back of the camera (hence the name!) instead of the shutter button to lock focus, and […]

Back Button Focus