What is bokeh photography? Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image, and is made out of little circles of colour and light. Making photos more pleasing to the eye, bokeh effects can be so pretty sometimes that not only do they make gorgeous backdrops for portraits, […]

How To Shoot Beautiful Bokeh Photography

how to create bokeh

10 Tips For Awesome Youth Sport Photography

youth sport photography of little boy

This is a guest post from the fabulous Gray Tham, an award winning accredited children’s photographer (and mama to three!). Gray is the talent behind Simply Gray Photography .Throughout her professional photographer career, she has photographed hundreds of children and families in Melbourne, Australia and throughout the United States from her sometimes-home base of New […]

Be Prepared & Nail Your Baptism Photos! So you’ve been asked to handle the baptism photography. Exciting! That’s until you start thinking about the challenges… a dark church being the predominant fear! Then come the questions many of you ask. “How do you take the best pictures of a baptism” or “How do you photograph […]

7 Essential Tips for Beautiful Baptism Photography

baptism photography of parents with baby

Panning – a Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Panning – Learn this FunTechnique for Capturing Motion Panning is a creative photography technique which involves physically tracking a subject in motion by moving your camera at the same speed. The goal is a sharp subject, against a streaky background. Our subject is kept sharp when our camera moves with them at the same pace, […]

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”, said Pablo Picasso. Pablo was referring to the rules of art… but what does that statement even mean? If we break the rules, won’t the image just be wrong? That’s what I used to ask myself! But one day it made […]

5 Photography Rules You Should Break!

How to Take Perfect Sunset Silhouette Photos

sunset silhouettes on the beach

The Art Of Taking Amazing Sunset Silhouette Photos Have you ever looked at an incredible sunset silhouette photo and wondered how to take one yourself? The secret to getting crisp, beautiful silhouette images involves a lot more than simply exposing for your sky.  How and where you choose to place your subjects, or how little […]

Have you heard the terms RAW and JPG when it comes to photography? Quite simply, they’re different file formats, and we have the choice to shoot in one or the other…. so which do we choose, and is one better than the other?   1. What is JPG and RAW? JPG JPG is the format […]


How to Position Backlight

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Overcoming the Fear of Starting… Two of my favourite sayings that I’ve stumbled across since starting a business and photography are ‘start before you’re ready’ and ‘done is better than perfect’… now these can be applied in a multitude of settings through life… but when it comes to creative pursuits and passions I think they’re perfectly […]

AUTO is the Perfect Place to Start!

ISO 101

ISO… it’s the mystery element of the exposure triangle. It’s confusing, you’re not sure what to do with it, and how it plays a role in helping you take great photos! I’ve been there, ISO used to confuse me too… but as we’re just looking at the Exposure Triangle in our Photography Courses this week I […]