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Whether it’s Pre-School, Pre-K, Childcare or Nursery… just like ‘big-school’ they have special photos days when you send your kids in their cutest outfits, attempt to style their hair neater than usual, and hope for the best that they stay clean and tidy for when the photographer arrives! When we think back to our own […]

How to Get Started as a Pre-School Photographer

Kids Photography – How to Capture Kids at Play Mandy Jane Dalby is a Click Love Grow grad, known for her unposed style of kids photography. But this is more than lifestyle… more than documentary. Mandy captures movement and emotion in her kids’ everyday life, in a way that makes it clear she is unhindered […]

Kids Photography – Capturing Kids at Play

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”, said Pablo Picasso. Pablo was referring to the rules of art… but what does that statement even mean? If we break the rules, won’t the image just be wrong? That’s what I used to ask myself! But one day it made […]

5 Photography Rules You Should Break!

Have you ever looked at an incredible sunset silhouette photo and wondered how to take one yourself? The secret to getting a crisp, beautiful silhouette photo involves a lot more than simply exposing for your sky.  How and where you choose to place your subjects will go a long way in helping you take a […]

How to Take a Perfect Silhouette Photo

This week our students had fun getting creative! Shutter speed is one of the three elements of exposure and we use it to control light, and to eliminate motion blur in our images. In this lesson our students are set some fun challenges which are designed to teach them how to use shutter speed to […]

We Love {Week Four}

How to Take Beautiful Bokeh Photos What is a bokeh photo? Bokeh is those beautiful little circles of colour and light in the background of photos, and it’s so pretty that not only does it make a gorgeous backdrop for portraits, but it can also be the subject in it’s own right! Being able to take […]

How to Take Beautiful Bokeh Photos

Lesson Four in our Enthusiast Photography Course is always loads of fun! It’s all about shutter speed, the second of the three elements of exposure. Our challenges for this week focus on either freezing or capturing motion, to help develop skills in shooting in manual mode with a DSLR. Shutter speed is crucial for controlling the motion […]

We Love {Week Four}

In Lesson Three our students switch out of auto mode and begin learning how to take control of their cameras. This week we studied aperture, which is one of the three elements of exposure in photography and is responsible for those gorgeous blurry background that we all love! Students are always so excited when they […]

We Love {Week Three}

Have you heard the terms RAW and Jpeg when it comes to photography? Quite simply, they’re different file formats, and we have the choice to shoot in one or the other…. so which do we choose, and is one better than the other? What is JPG and RAW? JPG – JPG is the format type […]


Feeling a creative urge, but not sure where to begin? Or perhaps you can’t get out of the house to do any kind of photography that you need to leave your own space to find, because: kids. Don’t despair! Abstract is the perfect technique for stretching your creativity! And the fabulous thing about abstract photography is […]

17 Inspiring Abstract Photos