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  1. robin says:

    I’m really looking forward to taking your photography classes I need help knowing what to set my camera on for taking certain kinds of pictures like night shots I need help to understand my camera settings for it all .Thank You

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your message, that’s exactly what we cover in our course, and we take you through all the settings to get you there! Look forward to having you join us on our next round! Xx

  2. Robin says:

    I sure hope so Photography is my Dream it has been ever since I was 15 just started High School and I got into Photography class OOOOO how happy I was but we were poor growing up so that was out of the question my Dad or Mom could not afford the camera the only thing in school that I had ever liked just got blowed away I did not last long in High School because that was my dream so I gave up I do not have that much to work with now but I spend ever second of the day with my Camera,Tripod.Lens and Filters which I do not get the hang of them much but a little I will never give up on my Dream You do not have to be rich to make a dream come true I am still saving to buy me a Zoom Lens That is my next wish to go with my dream you really need more than one lence to practice with and get good. God Bless you and HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE 4th OF JULY Thank You For Helping Me

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