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Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Floss Butterworth   Think our photography courses are only about learning to take beautiful portraits? Well that’s part of it… but if you think that’s all you’ll learn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The photography skills we teach are universal… by which I mean, you can apply to them to any […]

Customer Stories – Floss Butterworth

Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Sue Thorn After you’ve mastered correct exposure and soft light, the next step is to jump out of your comfort zone with both! And the roadmap to those next steps – which will also help you unlock your unique style – is understanding different kinds of light, how to harness […]

Customer Stories – Sue Thorn

Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Hope de la Rosa   Imagine having the skills to shoot fast and confidently in any light but especially in really challenging light, and take a beautiful image at the same time, every time. Hope de la Rosa is an Advanced Grad who wanted to learn not only those skills… […]

Customer Stories – Hope de la Rosa

Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Christie Veen Something that often pops up in our conversations with past students is the different goals and outcomes of our two main courses… the Enthusiast Photography Course and our Advanced Photography Course. For most of us when we begin, we’re looking to capture well-balanced images, to gain confidence with […]

Customer Stories – Christie Veen

Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Pam Gosenheimer   Imagine being able to purposefully bring to your images those elements which make you LOVE them? I’m talking emotion and connection, layers and depth, beautifully dynamic light! When Pam Gosenheimer joined our Enthusiast Course, she was already shooting in manual mode, and the course helped her solidify […]

Customer Stories – Pam Gosenheimer

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Lots of people think our photography courses only teach you how to capture beautiful portraits. And whilst it’s true that many of our students join for the sole purpose of learning how to take better photos of their kids… our lessons focus on the fundamental technical and creative skills that can be applied to virtually […]

50 Beautiful Photography Ideas When You Have No One To Shoot

Advanced Photography Course Customer Stories   As mums, we often hesitate when it comes to investing dollars in our learning, especially when we have no plans to apply that learning to a paid occupation (eg. professional photographer!). But the thing is, not all investments are about a financial return. Sometimes it’s an investment in yourself, […]

Customer Stories – Kirsty Nealon

Advanced Photography Course Student Story   Our students often ask me if they have what it takes to be a great photographer, and I know that question comes from a feeling of self-doubt. The fact is, your ability to be an amazing photographer is actually inside of you. If you’ve already mastered the basics, and […]

Customer Stories – Lauren Green

Advanced Photography Course Customer Stories Motherhood is, for most of us, very rewarding (at least half the time lol!). It’s also a 24/7 job, with amazing bits, crap bits, and everything in between. Kind of a blur at times! Now you might be wondering what this has to do with photography… Personally, I found the […]

Customer Stories – Carla Leland

Advanced Photography Course Student Story Our Enthusiast Photography Course students are beyond thrilled when they graduate because they can shoot confidently in manual mode, and they have new skills in light and composition… and this is hugely liberating because it means they finally control the look of their photos… deliberately! But ultimately, like all little […]

Customer Stories – Charlie O’Neill