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Sunset photos that convey the true beauty of the scene can be challenging. More often that not, the reality of the photo looks nothing like what we’re seeing with the naked eye, especially the glorious colour. But with just a handful of tips, you can take gorgeous sunset photos that are a true representation of […]

10 Tips for Stunning Sunset Photos

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Antje Whyte

Does this sound familiar? You’ve mastered manual mode You can take a good photo You’re ready to elevate your creativity to take amazing photos You’re thinking about joining the Advanced Photography Course… …but you’re sitting on the fence Antje Whyte is a Click Love Grow Grad who was in that exact place just last year. […]

Are you the memory keeper in your family? Let’s talk about something we all know too well – that feeling of frustration when we look at the photos we’ve taken. You know the drill… you snap away, trying to capture those beautiful family moments, but when you scroll through your images, something’s missing. They’re good… […]

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Elizabeth Marie

kid girl red dress negative space water rocks beach portrait

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Emilie King

Imagine a career that fills your creative cup and gives you the freedom to be present in your children’s lives whenever you want to be, and whenever they need you. There’s a few reasons why women join the Advanced Photography Course. Most join because they want to take amazing photos, they want to fill their […]

Can you imagine being so excited by the photos you’re taking, you can’t wait to get home and edit them? And what about having the confidence and skills to know exactly what you need to do to get photos that match your vision, in any situation? That’s what Coral Hagan got out of the Advanced […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Coral Hagan

How to Get Started as a Pre-School Photographer

shooting preschool photography

Whether it’s Pre-School, Pre-K, Kinder, Childcare or Nursery… just like ‘big-school’ they have special photos days when you send your kids in their cutest outfits and hope they stay clean for when the photographer arrives! When we think back to our own experiences we probably remember formal backgrounds, stuffy lights and tight smiles. But NOW, […]

Most of our students who join the Advanced Photography Course sign up because they want to find their style, and become confident to shoot in any situation. They want to elevate the level of their work so they can move beyond capturing good photos… to amazing, wall worthy photos! The feeling of seeing a stunning […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Bek Alexander

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Deb Signorelli

Is confidence holding you back from taking the next steps in your photography learning? If you’ve been looking at our course options you’ll know that we offer both a beginner and an advanced level photography class. And if you’ve already mastered manual mode, our Advanced Photography Course is the perfect next step. But, if you’re […]

There’s no doubt that learning how to shoot confidently in manual mode is one of the biggest investments you can make in your photography. It’s simply not possible to take the kind of images you dream of in auto mode – at least, not with a hundred misses for every one hit! But there is […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Megan Rutherford

Bringing Your Vision to Life – Dana Whitley, Student

Do your photos match your vision? Imagine having the skills to capture a moment exactly as you see it… to interpret and harness light, mindfully compose and expertly apply tone in a way that conveys the mood, and tells the story you want to record? Dana Whitley can. But it wasn’t always that way… Today […]