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Get ready to be wowed by 50 examples of beautiful photography our grad students have created! Lots of people think our photography courses only teach you how to capture beautiful portraits. It’s true that many of our students indeed join for the sole purpose of learning how to take better photos of their kids, but […]

50 Beautiful Photography Ideas When You Have No One To Shoot – By Our Grads!

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Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Sam Maker

Are you hesitating taking the Advanced Course because you’re waiting to be more, well, advanced? Sam Maker wanted to capture her first baby’s life in photos that were better than the snapshots she was taking with her phone. She had a DSLR and basic manual mode skills, but she wanted to really refine her technical […]

Have you mastered your camera in manual mode? Congratulations… it’s incredibly freeing isn’t it?! But can you take a good photo in all kinds of light? Or do you avoid certain light situations? I’m talking about those darker corners of your home, full sun, midday sun, strong backlight, hard light… the list goes on. If […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Claire Roads

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Brooke Hampson

Imagine having the skills to create photos that are so consistent in style, people recognise them as yours before they even see your name?That’s the power that having total creative control will ​​give you. Our Enthusiast Photography Course liberates our students as it frees them from the uncertainty and inconsistency of auto mode! But eventually they’re ready […]

As mums, we resist spending on ourselves because we feel guilty, and we look for justification before we do it. But when you stop and think about all we do, and all we give of ourselves to our kids, our family, our finances, our homes, our extended family and even our pets… why do we […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Teagan Mcfarlane

Birth Photography – A Raw & Emotional Home Birth in Pictures

Photography has always been an artistic genre which lends itself perfectly to storytelling and documenting human life and culture – after all, photographs are essentially moments frozen in time for all eternity. We photograph all of the ‘big’ moments in our lives – weddings, birthdays, holidays, milestones, cultural celebrations… Yet it’s only relatively recently that […]

CLG Celebration Week is just around the corner! This is a time when we celebrate our amazing Grads and their achievements, and invite them to share stories about their CLG experience with our broader community. And the best bit? In appreciation of your contributions, for every story you share – whether it’s a Facebook post, […]

A Year of (free!) Creative Workshops – What Will It Do For You?

CLG Course Love – Our Amazing Advanced Students!

This beautiful collection of images are just a mere sample of our faves, taken by students in the Advanced Photography Course that is still underway as I type! They’re getting to the pointy end now and although they have a couple more lessons to go, I’m so proud of how far they’ve come in their […]

Taking on a long-term photography challenge is a great way to improve your photography skills, and for Advanced Graduate Deb Signorelli, it has also been an opportunity to spend quality time with her teenage son, Ben. At the start of the year, Deb jumped on board our Project p52 with the intention of taking one […]

Senior Portrait Photography – Portraits Of Ben

Highlights Reel – Stunning Photos Taken By CLG Advanced Grads

We’ve enjoyed a fantastic week of Advanced Grad celebrations and to round it up on a visually inspiring note, today’s highlights reel is a collection of images taken by some of our talented Advanced Grads! If you’ve mastered the basics of photography… but you’re craving to create images with impact, to shoot in gorgeous light […]