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CLG Conference 6-8 July 22


We’ve enjoyed a fantastic week of Advanced Grad celebrations and to round it up on a visually inspiring note, today’s highlights reel is a collection of images taken by some of our talented Advanced Grads! If you’ve mastered the basics of photography… but you’re craving to create images with impact, to shoot in gorgeous light […]

Highlights Reel – Stunning Photos Taken By CLG Advanced Grads

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Jennifer Magnuson

“Is this course for me?” is a question we see a lot from people who are thinking about taking our Advanced Photography Course. And here’s the thing: If you’re shooting in manual mode, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just out of auto or you’ve been in manual for so long you can work your camera […]

If you’re miles away from your home and loved ones, photography is such a fantastic way to keep the people you miss involved in your every day life. In fact this was exactly why I got into photography myself. We were in the military and living in the USA, and I bought a DSLR to […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Humera Aaqib

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Toni McDonald

Learning how to bring your photographic vision to life is one of the biggest takeaways from our Advanced Course. Most of our students join us because they’re competent in manual mode and ready to take their photos to that next level artistically. And Toni McDonald is one of those students. Toni was shooting in manual […]

So you’re chasing a dream of becoming a professional photographer? If you’ve got the foundations mastered and you’re ready for the next steps so you can confidently take photos for people other than your family and friends… and create a flexible and creative business for yourself… then our Advanced Photography Course is exactly what you […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Ebony Scott

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Pam Hart

The thing with self led learning photography is, you don’t know what you don’t know.  So it can be a very long drawn out process of researching before you even work out what you need to learn, let alone finding the right course or tutorial to teach it! Imagine how much easier it would be […]

The latest round of our Advanced Course just wrapped up last week, and I’m excited to share with you this gorgeous highlights reel of some of the absolutely STUNNING images that were shared during the course! Together, they created and submitted more than 2000 images! I’m so proud of how far they’ve come in their […]

CLG Course Love – A Highlights Reel of Stunning Advanced Student Images

two young children running along the beach at golden hour

A Highlights Reel of Advanced Student Images

Our Advanced Photography Course has kicked off with a bang when students dived into their first lesson… and they were challenged (in the good way)! We designed these lessons to take our students out of their comfort zone because there’s no better way to advance your skills (I mean,  you don’t learn anything by continuing […]

Lovely soft light, the rule of thirds, nice, even exposures… These are all the fundamental skills we are taught when we first take the plunge into manual mode and begin learning photography. And there’s a reason for this – a thorough understanding of these technical elements helps us build a strong foundation for our photography, […]

Breaking The Rules Like An Artist

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Vicki Cardilini

Are you your family historian? You know what I mean… that person in the family who documents all.the.things in photos, driven by a desire to not forget a single thing. Not to mention it’s a tangible way to ensure your future generations know your family’s story. From the big things to all the little everyday […]