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What is bokeh photography? Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image, and is made out of little circles of colour and light. Making photos more pleasing to the eye, bokeh effects can be so pretty sometimes that not only do they make gorgeous backdrops for portraits, […]

How To Shoot Beautiful Bokeh Photography

how to create bokeh

9 Stunning Black & White Storytelling Portraits

Black & white photography is a powerful storytelling tool. When we remove colour, it eliminates any elements that could work to detract from the main subject. In doing so, our viewer’s eye is more drawn to our portrait subject, and we can use it to reveal the soul and character of our subjects. Today we’re […]

There’s no doubt that self portraiture is one of the most challenging genres of photography – nothing feels quite as vulnerable as stepping out from behind the camera and braving the other side of the lens. So if the idea of going full-face in front of the camera in a self portrait is a bit […]

17 Ways To Use Reflections In Your Self Portraits

woman's reflection in car wing mirror surrounded by golden light

9 Prompts & Poses for Guys

male poses with one hand in the pocket

A Posing Guide for Awesome Photos of Teen Guys When it comes to male poses, quite often they aren’t the most comfortable modeling in front of the camera. That applies especially in the case of teen guys.  That’s why it makes a huge difference to simply direct them because on the whole, they just want […]

Demystifying Lifestyle, Documentary & Portrait Photography I love photographing faces, and I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. When I started out, all my shots were traditional portraits. As my skills improved and I gained experience, I posed my subjects less and less. I became confident in my abilities to produce professional portrait […]

Lifestyle vs. Documentary vs. Portrait Photography – What Is The Difference?

portrait photography of kids

Using a Macro Lens For Newborn Baby Photography

using macro lens for baby photography

How To Use a Macro Lens To Photograph a Newborn Baby That’s right…macro photography is not all about bugs and flowers! Using a macro lens allows you to focus much closer than regular lenses, which is why it can be used for any very tiny subject. Think about it…is there anything smaller than the eyelashes […]

Stuck for NewbornPhoto Ideas? Lifestyle newborn photos give us a peek into baby’s everyday life, thereby telling baby’s story of their early days without words. For that reason, the potential for variety is endless and only limited by baby’s routine and environment. With help from our fabulous CLG grads, we’ve come up with 101 different […]

101 Lifestyle Newborn Photo Ideas

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Birth Photography – A Raw & Emotional Home Birth in Pictures

Photography has always been an artistic genre which lends itself perfectly to storytelling and documenting human life and culture – after all, photographs are essentially moments frozen in time for all eternity. We photograph all of the ‘big’ moments in our lives – weddings, birthdays, holidays, milestones, cultural celebrations… Yet it’s only relatively recently that […]

Birth Photo Ideas – How To Shoot C-Section Pictures Cesarean birth photography is a genre with unique challenges around light, space, safety, protocols and simple logistics! If you’re completely new to this, head to our Complete Guide to Birth Photography with Alana Prosper first. It details everything you need to know to shoot birth photos […]

Birth Photo Ideas: A Guide To Capturing a Cesarean Birth

birth photo ideas

Shadow Photography – Embracing Hard Light

shadow photography of boy smiling

How To Create Shadow Pictures Using Dramatic Lighting Hard light is much maligned in portrait photography for various reasons. But what do you do when you can’t avoid it? Embrace it…in the form of shadow photography. It’s a thing, and it’s addictive!   Let Hard Light Be a Superstar! Those of us who love taking […]