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DIY Outdoor Smash Cake Photos Capturing your own outdoor cake smash photos is a really fun way to mark the most special day on your baby’s calendar…their first birthday! But…this is a session type that can be hard to nail, and oftentimes people just can’t put their finger on what went wrong. The fact is, […]

9 Tips for Beautiful Outdoor Cake Smash Photos

outdoor cake smash photos of little girl

Using a Macro Lens For Newborn Photography

newborn macro lens photography

How To Use a Macro Lens To Photograph a Newborn The ultimate goal of newborn photography is to capture the essence of that little person whilst they’re still very new to the world. Because that very newness will grow and change in a heartbeat, having a visual record of it before it’s gone forever will […]

Behind The Scenes Of a Christmas Lights Photography Session Are you a Christmas lover? The excitement, the anticipation, the planning for the big day? Christmas tree fairy lights are the perfect backdrop for your holiday cards, and this tutorial will show you exactly how to make your fairy bokeh effect sparkle! As a bonus, it’s […]

Fairy Christmas Lights Bokeh Photo Tutorial

baby with christmas lights bokeh background

23 Photos Using Magical Light for Impact

Mastering your camera in manual mode is the key to perfect photos and one of the foundations of photography. It gives you total control over the technical aspects so that you can say goodbye to accidentally blurry, out of focus photos that are dark and dingy or jarringly overexposed. But once you’ve done that…  composition […]

Students often ask me “Is it cheating to use auto focus?”  I’m here to promise that it’s definitely not cheating. It’s what we all do…most of the time! When it comes to AF and MF, auto focus is awesome. I honestly don’t know how photographers managed without it for all those generations!  AF mode is […]

AF vs. MF…Which One To Use, And When?

How To: A Day In The Life Photography

Young girl sleeping with American Girl doll

When it comes to milestones and big celebrations, having our cameras handy is a no-brainer, but what about the little everyday moments? These moments matter too, perhaps even moreso than the big ones because as our children grow and our lives change, it’s easy to forget all the tiny, fleeting details. So why not commit […]

Tips For an Easy Extended Family Photo Session! The thought of capturing pictures of a large extended family is terrifying for many, and I know lots of photographers who make it a policy to decline them.  Those who did take them on chewed their nails in the lead-up, sweated buckets during, and cried with relief when it was over. […]

How To Shoot Beautiful Extended Family Pictures

extended family pictures

Behind The Scenes of A Storytelling Photography Shoot

young girl in red swimsuit standing in the ocean

When you look back at images of your childhood, what is it that you love most about them? For those of us born before the digital era, our baby albums are likely filled with faded prints, some out-of-focus, some underexposed, negatives long since lost to the sands of time.   But it’s not what they […]

Towards the end of 2020, Photoshop added a handy new tool to their extensive library – the Sky Replacement tool. So what exactly is it useful for? Well, there are a few situations in which you might want to replace the sky in an image. The first is when you’ve blown the sky in your […]

Creative Editing: How To Do A Sky Replacement In Photoshop

silhouette of couple with dogs against sunset sky

7 Secrets For Stunning Snow Pictures

black and white snow photography of girl

How To Take Stunning Snow Portraits When the snow starts falling, that all-white winter wonderland is an exciting opportunity for snow pictures! Think sparkling eyes, apple cheeks pink with cold, beautiful texture in the form of warm woollies. Add pops of vibrant colour, and it’s easy to create really eye-catching, dynamic snow images with a […]