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Stuck for NewbornPhoto Ideas? Lifestyle newborn photos give us a peek into baby’s everyday life, thereby telling baby’s story of their early days without words. For that reason, the potential for variety is endless and only limited by baby’s routine and environment. With help from our fabulous CLG grads, we’ve come up with 101 different […]

101 Lifestyle Newborn Photo Ideas

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How to Capture a Starburst in Your Photos Have you ever wondered how to create a starburst in your photos?  Or maybe you’ve taken some accidentally, and you’re not sure how to do it again, on purpose? It adds an awesome sparkle to a photo and can become the focal point of your composition… whether that’s including […]

How to Capture a Starburst in Your Photos

Kellee’s 5 for 5

A Real Estate Photography Guide There’s no substitute for beautiful professional real estate photos when you’re trying to sell your home. When I’ve been house hunting, I flick straight past a listing if I can see the photos are really poor quality. Even though I know the photos aren’t necessarily an indicator of the home […]

9 Tips for DIY Real Estate Photos

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DIY Outdoor Cake Smash Photo Session Capturing your own cake smash photos is a really fun way to mark the most special day on your baby’s calendar… their first birthday! But it’s a session type that can be hard to nail, and often times people just can’t put their finger on what went wrong. The […]

9 Tips for Beautiful Outdoor Cake Smash Photos

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Advanced Photography Course Customer Stories When it comes to our Advanced Photography Course, one of the most asked questions we get asked is… “I don’t want to be a professional photographer… is it for me?”. If you’re a creative soul at heart… having an art thing that you can be good at is immeasurably good […]

Customer Stories – Megan O’Donnell

A Fun Project to Display Your Photos What do you do with your photos at home?  Do you have a photo display proudly on show in most rooms of your home? Or are they tucked away on a hard drive somewhere, forgotten because the mere thought of wading through thousands of photos fills you with […]

Create a Photo Display Feature Wall

Be Prepared & Nail Your Baptism Photos! So you’ve been asked to handle the baptism photography. Exciting! That’s until you start thinking about the challenges… a dark church being the predominant fear! Then come the questions many of you ask. “How do you take the best pictures of a baptism” or “How do you photograph […]

7 Essential Tips for Beautiful Baptism Photography

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Get Creative with Your Macro Photography I bet you think there’s only so many ways to photograph a flower. Mel Champion is a CLG grad who will disagree wholeheartedly! The moment she tried macro flower photography, she was addicted. The diverse range of tones, textures and form across an endless species of flora, combined with […]

5 Breathtaking Macro Flower Compositions

Be Inspired and Get Creative withMacro Photography! Watching our grads take what we teach them about the fundamentals of photography, and explore different genres to find their own artistic niche is pretty exciting to us. Some of them fall in love with macro, and we’ve seen some seriously jaw dropping images! If you’ve been dabbling […]

4 Styles of Macro Photography to Inspire