Have you always dreamed of being a professional photographer, but you don’t feel like your skills are quite at the right level yet? Snap! That’s exactly how Click Love Grow Advanced Grad Amy Perren was feeling before discovering CLG. She knew she wanted to make a career out of photography, but she lacked the confidence […]

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Amy Perren

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Kelsey Carrillo

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If you’ve been thinking about doing our Advanced Photography Course but you’re not fully confident in manual mode yet, that’s totally ok. Maybe you just finished the Enthusiast Photography Course where you learned manual mode, but it’s still really new for you. Or maybe you’ve been dabbling for years and although you haven’t fully mastered […]

As women, the notion of waiting for the perfect moment to do something for ourselves is a familiar one! We put everyone else first, and later never seems to come. And specifically with respect to learning photography, we hear a LOT of stories from our students of procrastinating until they’re “ready”, “better”, “more advanced”. But […]

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Hillary Meyer

A Photography Course for Busy Mums – Desiree Wade, Student

As a mum and a photographer, I know how hard it can be to find the time to learn how to use a manual camera. When I got my first DSLR, learning how to use it was unbelievably frustrating and time consuming. And so, so disheartening. I was on maternity leave with a new baby […]

Like most new mums, when I had my first bub, I took allllll the photos. And like many new mums, I became frustrated because my photos were blurry and just didn’t live up to the vision I had in my head. It was this frustration that eventually led me to starting Click Love Grow, and […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight on Amanda Marenghi

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Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Laura Walker

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When it comes to learning photography online, there are SO many courses and workshops available, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is the best fit for you. And if you’ve already tried the Google and YouTube rabbit hole, you’re probably close to information overload! It doesn’t help that a lot of […]

Many of our Grads talk about having taken up photography because they wanted an outlet for creativity, and something that was just for them. And Kellee, a mum of four and a much loved member of our CLG community, is one of those Grads.   Meet Kellee Kellee lives in Fargo, North Dakota with her […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Kellee Kromarek Hann

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Dinithi Ranathunga

Today I want to introduce you to the lovely Dinithi. Born and bred in Colombo, Sri Lanka, she lives in Melbourne with her hubby and their two daughters. Ayaana and Kiara, aged 6 and 3 years respectively, were Dinithi’s inspiration to learn photography properly (her words!). She had a DSLR she had been fumbling with […]

Megan Browne had a DSLR and she knew how to use it. Kinda sorta. In fact Megan had been using manual cameras since film days, but despite trying to learn in multiple ways, she’d never fully grasped manual mode. Over time she found herself using her camera in auto most of the time. But when […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Megan Browne

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Kate Rankin

Advanced Photography Course Customer Stories Kate Rankin embarked on our Enthusiast Photography Course with the simple desire to take better photos of her kids. But in her words, the course left her hungry for more, and it opened a Pandora’s box of a world of photography that ultimately changed her life! Today I had the […]