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Advanced Photography Course Customer Stories we love to celebrate and share the stories of our Advanced Photography Course grads, and today I’m excited to introduce you to the gorgeous Kristen Gurney! Kristen lives in a beautiful pocket of Melbourne’s inner west with her hubby and their two children Harry (4) and Chloe (2.5). Just like […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Kristen Gurney

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Carla Yeo

When you’ve mastered the basics of photography it can feel so exhilarating; to finally shoot in manual mode, to have control over your camera and know exactly how all the settings work together.   It’s a fantastic feeling and something you should be proud of! But then, as you keep practicing, you might become a little […]

Advanced Course Grad Stories Are you confident shooting in manual mode… but you’re lusting to take more creative photos? Maybe you’ve hit the ‘Learning Plateau’ where you’ve mastered those initial skills, but after an initial jump in skill, you’re not seeing the same improvements and no matter how much more you practice, you’re feeling stuck. […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Merissa Wakefield

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Melissa Bantick

what is missing in my photos

Advanced Course Grad Stories I’d been in the military for almost a decade when I found photography.  I was also a mum, and life in general was fun but busy and full with all. the. things. So who would’ve thought I’d have time for something extra on my plate… it seemed crazy. Yet the funny […]

Sometimes taking those next steps towards your goals can feel scary… and so can the investment in ourselves to pursue our passions or reach our goals. But an investment is just that.. it’s something that will return to you in value + more.  And our Advanced Photography Course is just that… not only is it […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Amy Philp

Lifestyle Photography Secrets

lifestyle photography secrets

Merissa Wakefield has perfected the art of lifestyle photography. She had to… her daughter is 2 years old. If you have a toddler now, ever had a toddler, or even spent 3 seconds with any toddler… you’ll already know they’re not exactly conducive to posed portraiture! Our entire Click Love Grow graduates community are in […]

Photography was never on Melissa Bernard’s radar, until a special event in her family inspired her to pick up a camera to record every.single.moment. A drive to make those recorded memories beautiful led her to take part in our Enthusiast Photography Course in July 2014 and then followed up with our Advanced Photography Course in […]

Featured Graduate {Melissa Bernard}

Featured Graduate {Tonya Backes}

This month we’re chatting to Tonya Backes, who comes from a small town in South West Wisconsin, USA, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.   Tonya just recently completed our Enthusiast Photography Course at the start of 2017, and she’s just graduated from our Advanced Photography Course… so she’s very fresh to the […]

We’re chatting to Emma Shaw today, she’s based in Noosa, Australia and she participated in our maiden course way back in 2014! Emma was hugely enthusiastic, taking our lessons to her heart and running with her new knowledge. In fact, Emma was one of many students at the time whose hunger to advance their photography […]

Featured Advanced Graduate {Emma Shaw}

Learning maternity photography

CLG Grad Community Stories {Wedding, Bunbury, Western Australia}

online photography classes

We LOVE sharing our CLG Grad Stories with you… we’re so lucky to have some of the most lovely and amazing women as part of our community AND talented to boot! Our Click Love Grow Story this week is shared by Kristin Calder and Toni Laws from Western Australia, who found themselves shooting a wedding […]