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5 Dramatic Lighting Techniques and How to Use Them When we’re new to photography, we tend to avoid dramatic lighting and instead look for flat, soft light. And why not? It’s a perfect place to start as this type of light allows you to create flattering and beautiful portraits. But flat soft light lacks depth […]

5 Dramatic Lighting Photography Techniques

portrait shot using dramatic lighting

Light Painting – DIY Sparkler Photos! Have you ever wondered how to capture lighting painting with sparklers? It’s a super fun photography effect which uses slow shutter speeds to capture the trail of a light source. It looks fantastic, and… it’s easier to achieve than you might think! You’ll need to be shooting in manual […]

Light Painting – DIY Sparkler Photos!

When I first started out in DSLR manual photography, some of the basic essentials that we need to know, worked against me to form some bad habits. Those habits inhibited both my creativity and my ability to produce a technically sound image under difficult circumstances. I soon discovered I wasn’t the only one. Once I […]

6 Habits You Need To Break For Better Photos

If you’re about to send your baby off to big school, my theory is you’re either a cryer or a high fiver. I was definitely a high-fiver, but I have a feeling that may change when I send baby-boy off for his first day in a couple of years! This post was fun to prepare though, […]

Don’t Forget your Camera! Creating Memories of their First Day of School

This year, Netra Chetty jumped on a plane and flew to the arctic circle, by herself, just to take photos. Welcome to the first in a series of posts where I plan to share with you the stories and work of talented photographers that we admire here at Click Love Grow! Netra is a photographer, a […]

The Northern Lights Netra Chetty {Featured Photographer}

Natural Light Photography Tips – Garage Light Natural light is beautiful and abundant, we know that. When you’re trying to take photos at home, I bet you’ve been here before… struggling to find the perfect light, then when you do, the background is cluttered or ugly. I bet you’ve tried every spot in and around […]

Natural Light Photography Tips – Garage Light

Great product photos are filled with light.   Soft natural light is easy to use & will help show off & flatter your dishes for great images!  Check out these tips for finding your own soft light to take gorgeous shots! 1.  Seek out areas with soft (non-direct) light from windows and doorways, or set […]

Natural Light for Food Photography