DIY Outdoor Smash Cake Photos Capturing your own outdoor cake smash photos is a really fun way to mark the most special day on your baby’s calendar…their first birthday! But…this is a session type that can be hard to nail, and oftentimes people just can’t put their finger on what went wrong. The fact is, […]

9 Tips for Beautiful Outdoor Cake Smash Photos

outdoor cake smash photos of little girl

10 Ideas For Great 4th Of July Pictures

4th of july pictures with little girl standing in front of american flag

Professional Looking 4th of July Pics – Without The Overwhelm! Your 4th of July pictures don’t need to be expensive or involve sourcing a dozen expensive or hard-to-find props. We LOVE the styled setups that we see in the CLG community…but not that many people have the time, money, or mad styling skills to pull […]

Be Prepared & Nail Your Baptism Photos! So you’ve been asked to handle the baptism photography. Exciting! That’s until you start thinking about the challenges… a dark church being the predominant fear! Then come the questions many of you ask. “How do you take the best pictures of a baptism” or “How do you photograph […]

7 Essential Tips for Beautiful Baptism Photography

baptism photography of parents with baby

Don’t Forget your Camera! Creating Memories of their First Day of School

If you’re about to send your baby off to big school, my theory is you’re either a cryer or a high fiver. I was definitely a high-fiver, but I have a feeling that may change when I send baby-boy off for his first day in a couple of years! This post was fun to prepare though, […]