You don’t have to leave home to find photo inspiration, and indulge your love of photography. And when looking for ideas on what to shoot, we looked no further than Alice Mariette – award-winning photographer with an eye for the little things and the heart of an artist. And as a mother of 3 including […]

Photo Inspiration at Home – Finding Magic in Your Everyday

12 Outside The Box Photoshoot Ideas That Rock!

creative photoshoot ideas to do with kids

12 Fun Photo Ideas You Can Try At Home Creative photoshoot ideas can be found in many places…including around the house!  During the long periods of isolation we went through during the past two years, as we were forced to restrict ourselves in so many ways, keeping an eye on our mental health became essential.  […]

Merissa Wakefield has perfected the art of lifestyle photography. She had to… her daughter is 2 years old. If you have a toddler now, ever had a toddler, or even spent 3 seconds with any toddler… you’ll already know they’re not exactly conducive to posed portraiture! Our entire Click Love Grow graduates community are in […]

Lifestyle Photography Secrets

lifestyle photography secrets

In the Rain

Here in Savannah the heat has been turned way UP (and incidentally so has the frizz level of my hair), and we’ve been enjoying the most delicious thick and heavy afternoon rains with dramatic claps of thunder and the occasional streak of lightening! When we arrive home from school my youngest always like to collect the […]