Avoid these Mistakes in Your B&W Photos! A beautiful black & white photo will be dramatic, artistic, eye catching and richly textured. We can render any image black & white with the press of a button in any editing program. But does that ensure a beautifully rich black & white work of art? Read on […]

Delicious Black & White Photo Essentials

Bronwyn Pickering

Black & White Street Photography

When it comes to street photography, the very nature of it means the backdrop is often very busy. But that’s ok because often the entire scene is your subject matter. But when you want to highlight something specific, it can be hard to isolate it from the many distractions in the surrounding environment. Times like that, […]

Today we’re going to take a deep dive into black & white portrait photography, specifically how to communicate mood in your photos. Read on to learn how to use light and tone with intention to convey a certain feel in stunning black & white portraits!   Tone – What Is It? Tone is one of […]

B&W Portraits – How to Capture Mood Using Tone

5 Inspiring Ideas for a Black & White Photo Series

If you love black & white photography, why not set out to shoot with the express intention of creating a black & white series of images. Before you pick up your camera and head out, you need to know what makes a good black & white photo… good. The Ingredients of Rich Black & White […]

A black and white aesthetic in photography is universal and timeless. And one thing we at Click Love Grow love most about it is you can render pretty much any subject extraordinary, just by capturing it in monochrome.  Alice Mariette is a CLG Advanced Grad, former Instructor and an award-winning photographer we’re proud to have […]

Black And White Aesthetic – Capturing Mood In Monochrome Pictures

black and white aesthetic picture of woman standing by fence

Highlights Reel – 23 Delicious Black & White Grad Photos

Happy Monday! This week’s highlights reel is a collection of richly textured and layered black & white images, taken by our Grads… check out the stunning macros! Once you’ve inhaled this collection of gorgeousness, take a look at our suggested blog posts and explore macro or learn what goes into a beautiful black & white! […]

Here in Savannah the heat has been turned way UP (and incidentally so has the frizz level of my hair), and we’ve been enjoying the most delicious thick and heavy afternoon rains with dramatic claps of thunder and the occasional streak of lightening! When we arrive home from school my youngest always like to collect the […]

In the Rain

3 Easy Stunning Black & White Photo Edits!

black and white edits

Black And White Edits: Tips & Tutorials We all love deliciously rich and textured black & white images. When done right, black and white edits are dramatic, timeless, suit virtually any genre of photography, and can make our subject really pop from the background! But something I see a lot are black & white images […]