6 Ways to Use Complementary Colour for Dramatic Photos The use of colour in photography is one of the easiest ways to create really strong, visually powerful imagery. Whether you’re simply giving your images a saturation boost to enhance the colour already in the scene, or the colour is the subject within itself… it’s a […]

6 Ways to Use Complementary Colour for Dramatic Photos

The Highlights Reel: 15 Documentary Style Photos

Are you familiar with a photography rut? We have all been there at one time or another… times when we don’t know what to capture, or we feel like we’re just doing the same thing the same way over and over and not really growing. So today I want to offer a remedy if you’re […]

Do you ever scroll through Insta, feeling wowed by really amazing compositions, and wishing you were as creative as those photographers? Whilst it’s true that composition is often instinctive. By that I mean when the photographer looks through the viewfinder, they just get a feel for how they should frame the shot. But lots of […]

How to Use Leading Lines for Great Photos

15 Stunning Photos Using Complementary Colour

This week’s highlights reel is a colourful collection of our fave images taken from the Grad’s Group challenge album, the theme of which was Complementary Colour Pop. Using the colour wheel as inspiration is a fantastic compositional tool! Complementary colours are are opposite one another on the colour wheel, and when you use them together […]