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Welcome to Monday and our weekly traditional highlights reel of stunning images taken by our Grads, curated based simply on that which jumped our and inspired us! Congrats to our featured Grads!   Please enjoy, and I hope they inspire you to pick up your camera and create something wonderful! Try one of our popular […]

The Images That Inspired Us This Week

31 Stunning Grad Photos to Inspire!

We have a whopping big collection for our Highlights Reel this week! It was clear from the sheer number of images shared in our Grad’s group this past week that everyone was picking up their camera a lot, which is so great to see! Speaking of which… sometimes we get in a rut where we […]

When you look back at images of your childhood, what is it that you love most about them? For those of us born before the digital era, our baby albums are likely filled with faded prints, some out-of-focus, some underexposed, negatives long since lost to the sands of time.   But it’s not what they […]

Behind The Scenes of A Storytelling Photography Shoot

young girl in red swimsuit standing in the ocean

Making Time For Creative Self Care

Silhouette of young girl dancing indoors

I wasn’t even thinking about online photography courses or creative self care when I first stumbled across Click Love Grow via a friend’s Facebook page a few years back. In fact, having just given birth to my sixth child, any kind of study or learning was definitely the LAST thing on my mind! Just getting […]

As much as we love photography, all too often work, kids, family and everything in between seems to come first, and we don’t shoot anywhere near as often as we’d like. But when you consider how big  part photography plans in our emotional well-being, it makes zero sense that it’s not at the very top […]

20 Grad Photos to Inspire Your Project 365

Shoot for your Dreams

photography lessons for women

How to Grow as a Photographer We’re so lucky at Click Love Grow to be frequently inspired by our grads, and I’m often in awe of the beautiful images they share in our group. A while back I was so excited to see one of our Advanced grads dream big and move mountains to make […]

The Rising Trend Of Milk Bath Maternity Photography It seems like milk bath portraits are the new black in maternity photography, and why not… they look ahh-mazing! But how do you do them?  Do you actually fill a bathtub with milk or is the water coloured?  Are the flowers fresh, dried or fake?  And assuming […]

A Step By Step Guide: Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

Milk bath maternity photo shooting

The Ultimate Lifestyle Photography Guide for Large Families

how to photograph a lifestyle session

Lifestyle photography is a style that aims to capture organic moments as they unfold, without posing.  However when a family has many children, unless you’re photographing them all in a confined space, it can be like herding cats! Sarah Croker learned her craft through our Enthusiast Photography Course and our Advanced Photography Course. She’s since […]

This week’s highlights reel comes to you entirely from our Graduate’s community! Why? Because it’s one of those rare times when we’re in between courses. But not for long! Our first Advanced Photography Course for 2018 kicks off tomorrow! Whoop!! In the meantime, enjoy this delicious collection…   If you want to learn to use […]

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

how to do macro photography

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

how to use a dslr

Hello 2018 and welcome to our new regular feature! Each week we’ll be sharing ten of our favourite images taken by the fabulous members of our Click Love Grow community. Some of these images were taken by students of our first Enthusiast Photography Course for 2018, which only launched last week. That’s right… these images […]