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Carla Yeo is a memory keeper, and it’s that drive to record all of life’s special moments that saw her join our Enthusiast Photography Course. She took so much from it that she very enthusiastically undertook our Advanced Photography Course in 2016. Carla’s style emerged throughout our courses, and the result is stunning, golden light filled […]

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate {Carla Yeo}

Marnie Martil took part in our Advanced Photography Course in 2016. And since then her photography has continued to grow, helping her launch her photography business: Marnie M Photography. Marnie photographs newborns, maternity, children and families and she is based in the northern Australian country town of Dalby in Queensland. We love Marnie’s work, and particularly loved watching […]

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate {Marnie Martil}

Almitra Hill has a unique eye for fabulously quirky compositions and creative light. It was almost exactly one year ago that we interviewed this Advanced Course graduate, just as she was beginning to explore alternative shooting techniques. Since then we’ve watched her personal style emerge with delight (and a lot of pride!), so much so […]

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate {Almitra Hill}

how to shoot freelens

Feeling a creative urge, but not sure where to begin? Or perhaps you can’t get out of the house to do any kind of photography that you need to leave your own space to find, because: kids. Don’t despair! Abstract is the perfect technique for stretching your creativity! And the fabulous thing about abstract photography is […]

17 Inspiring Abstract Photos

If you’re about to send your baby off to big school, my theory is you’re either a cryer or a high fiver. I was definitely a high-fiver, but I have a feeling that may change when I send baby-boy off for his first day in a couple of years! This post was fun to prepare though, […]

Don’t Forget your Camera! Creating Memories of their First Day of School

So you know that Click Love Grow’s students don’t disappear into the horizon when they graduate. Oh ho no…. we couldn’t let them go!  We have a beautiful community of graduates who hang out talking about all things photography related and everything else in between. We run a fortnightly photo challenge and the graduates make sure […]

Monochrome – Duochrome Photography

Monochrome photos

Lou asked me to chat about my favourite lens. Wait, what? What favourite? I honestly had to sit here and give that question some serious pondering, with thinking music, because I love all my lenses for different reasons. Plus to pick a favourite felt… mean to the other lenses. I’m not weird. I thought about […]

Pam’s Favourite Lens

Learn photography online

Once upon a time, I bought a DSLR. This was my leap from a 2mp Kodak point & shoot fully auto digital, to the world of SLR. I sat at the dining room table with my dad, surrounded by my new gear, itching to drive it. He switched the camera to M mode, and drew […]

Why Comparing Yourself Will Suck the Joy out of Photography

Here in Savannah the heat has been turned way UP (and incidentally so has the frizz level of my hair), and we’ve been enjoying the most delicious thick and heavy afternoon rains with dramatic claps of thunder and the occasional streak of lightening! When we arrive home from school my youngest always like to collect the […]

In the Rain

Have you ever kayaked across a lake full of trees? No, me neither… until Mother’s Day this weekend just gone!  Gorgeous Australian friends who also live here in the US invited us to visit them at their their campsite at a local Statepark in Georgia about 1.5hrs from Savannah.  They tucked us into their canoe and […]

A Lake full of Trees