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Pam’s Favourite Lens

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  1. Toni Laws says:

    Pam, I wish you wrote a blog! I love your sense of humour and you explain things so well!
    This little baby might be on my next-to-buy list…..

  2. Pam Bradford says:

    Toni. I DO write a blog. 😀

    • Jodi PC says:

      You do write a blog? Can you give us the link or is that not allowed? I only joined the group today! Can’t wait for my class to start, so I’m going through all these articles and learning a ton already!! I can’t want for my class to start!! I did sign up for the free mini course that I should start focusing on since today is day one! Lol. I’m just having so much fun reading through all these articles that I haven’t even logged into my member page and checked out the Lightroom stuff yet……

  3. Koumei says:

    Hello Pam, this is a very nice article, you are so funny. I have got 2 questions if you don’t mind 🙂 Does Sigma 105 come with Optical Stablisation? How is it shooting without tripod?

    • Pam Bradford says:

      Yep it has OS but I actually don’t use it. I pretty much only ever use that lens outdoors, so I always seem to have enough light to not need OS. I also never use a tripod and again, with enough light and good shutter speeds it’s not an issue. That said… I know tripods are recommended for a lot of macro photography… I’m just tripod lazy but I seem to get away with it.

  4. Koumei says:

    Forgot to say, I like all the images you shown on the article, crispy in focus with creamy background, tasty!

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