Feeling a creative urge, but not sure where to begin? Or perhaps you can’t get out of the house to try any kind of photography that you need to leave your own space to find, because: kids. Don’t despair! Abstract is the perfect technique for stretching your creativity. And the fabulous thing about abstract photography is you […]

Abstract Photography – 30 Ideas to Bust Your Creative Rut!

6 Breathtaking Macro Flower Compositions

macro flower photography detail of pattern

How To Use a Macro Lens To Photograph a Newborn Baby That’s right…macro photography is not all about bugs and flowers! Using a macro lens allows you to focus much closer than regular lenses, which is why it can be used for any very tiny subject. Think about it…is there anything smaller than the eyelashes […]

Using a Macro Lens For Newborn Baby Photography

using macro lens for baby photography

30 Gorgeous Macro Florals

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! This week’s highlights reel is a celebration of our Macro Flower Photography Creative Workshop, which just wrapped up last week! Over the last 4 weeks our workshop students were taken behind the scenes by macro floral expert Mel Champion, where they learned how to capture beautifully crisp, detailed and […]

Our Weekly Highlights Reelof Inspiration! The very exciting and unexpected discovery about macro photography, back when I first started exploring the genre, was the fact it opened up a whole new world of photo options. The reason this was so exciting for me was because I was a mum, and my kids were still young […]

12 Breathtaking Macro Photos

4 Styles of Macro Photography to Inspire

Be Inspired and Get Creative withMacro Photography! Watching our grads take what we teach them about the fundamentals of photography, and explore different genres to find their own artistic niche is pretty exciting to us. Some of them fall in love with macro, and we’ve seen some seriously jaw dropping images! If you’ve been dabbling […]

Our Click Love Grow graduates often ask “I want to try macro photography, but I don’t know where to start”. It’s a genre that requires specialist equipment, and different settings than what you might be used to. So it’s understandable why a lot of people don’t know where to start, and perhaps give up before […]

Macro Photography Beginners Guide

Pam’s Favourite Lens

Lou asked me to chat about my favourite lens. Wait, what? What favourite? I honestly had to sit here and give that question some serious pondering, with thinking music, because I love all my lenses for different reasons. Plus to pick a favourite felt… mean to the other lenses. I’m not weird. I thought about […]

One of our Advanced Photography Students asked me during our group coaching call last week what I did when I was in a photography rut? I smiled… oh that photography rut! I can’t pretend I don’t know her well… we’ve been firm friends lately, as the transition to living in a new country has sapped a […]

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