Why I LOVE The Canon135mm f2 Lens

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  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for the great article Louise. Really interesting. Do you have an opinion on how the 135mm would compare to a 70-200mm lens? I would only be able to afford to get one of these.

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      Hi Sue,

      Ooh great question! I’ve never shot with the 70-200mm but I know it’s a gorgeous lens! It has similar capacity to create the beautiful background blur and compression, and you have slightly more flexibility because of the range of the focal lengths! The downside to this lens is that it’s literally so so much bigger (it’s heavy and very long) and the cost is much more than the 135L. Perhaps weddings would be the one example where the zoom would be handy.

  2. Michelle says:

    Is the “melt away” background effect with the 135mm f2? I love that kind of almost water colour painting effect of the background. In the absence of anything other than kit lenses and a nifty 50 – Could a nifty 50 do this with the right background (ie a beach after sunset, not light through trees which would probably create little round bokeh lights rather than a smooth creamy background?)

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      HI Michelle,

      It’s a combination of the shallow depth of field, the compression of the lens itself… so the 135mm is relevant to create that..but all these shots with the melt-aways also have beautiful soft light which is a factor too!

      With all the factors you mention you will still get a gorgeous background, it just won’t have the compression of the longer focal lengths, and will be a different effect. Xx

  3. Sandy Lehman says:

    Thank you for the information. The more I look at lenses, the more questions I have. Does the number of focusing points really make that much difference to an enthusiast versus a professional? I am looking at one cameral that has 19 cross type sensors and one that has 65. Seems like I would take a gorgeous picture if I ever figured it out, maybe? I was looking at the 24-70 mm because of the low aperture allowed. The 18-55mm will only go f/3.5 to f/5.6. I think I am convinced to get the 135 f/2L. The pictures were wonderful! But I might not travel with that one when we are limited with weight restriction of 12 to 15#. But having the 24-70 would be a good mix. My husband would have our current SX 50HS for his shooting and distance.
    CANON has a new to US camera , EOS M3 “mirrorless”. Is that something to even consider?

  4. Emmy Clews says:

    Hi Louise,
    Stunning, doing images as always! You mentioned the 50mm f1.2. I have the 50mm f1.8. Would an upgrade to the f1.2 be worth it or would investing in something different be better? Thank you!

    • Emmy Clews says:

      Please excuse the typo! My autocorrect often thinks its smarter than I am!

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      Hi Emmy,

      The 1.2 is a beautiful quality lens, and I definitely enjoy using it as an ‘everyday’ type lens because of how wonderfully crisp it is! The lens questions is always tough to answer because it depends how you’ll use it… for portraits of kids I much prefer the 135L because for outdoors it’smy fave, but I bought the 50mm 1.2 for my boudoir/ studio work because it fit the space, I could get down to say f/1.4 and it was beautiful for backlit (the 1.8 has some chromatic aberration – or purple/green fringing in strong backlight) and it suited my style of photography. There is a 50mm f/1.4 that is MUCH cheaper than the 1.2 which I know lots of photographers use and love. Or also if you’re using a crop sensor camera the 35mm might be worth looking into aswell! LOL… see, that was totally not helpful huh, so many choices!

  5. james says:

    hey if you don’t mind me asking I know I’m about 4 years late haha but what DSLR did you use for these amazing photos

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