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How to Get Blurred Backgrounds with a Kit Lens Blurred backgrounds in our photos is one of the biggest differences between a snapshot and a professional photo. It’s one of the most effective ways to isolate our subject and add depth to our photos. How do you create a blurred background? It’s controlled by your […]

How to Get Blurred Backgrounds with a Kit Lens

Choosing Lenses – How to Choose the Right Lens for Every Situation! When it comes to lenses, there are so.many.options. It can be totally overwhelming when trying to decide what lens you should use or buy to help you achieve the look you want in your photos. We’re here to break it down for you. […]

What Lens Should I Use?

Get Creative with Your Macro Photography I bet you think there’s only so many ways to photograph a flower. Mel Champion is a CLG grad who will disagree wholeheartedly! The moment she tried macro flower photography, she was addicted. The diverse range of tones, textures and form across an endless species of flora, combined with […]

5 Breathtaking Macro Flower Compositions

Let’s talk about your next lens purchase! I remember investing in a shiny new DSLR, which came with not one but TWO lenses! It felt like Christmas came early!  Fast forward to a time when I had found the confidence to fly that baby in manual mode, and I began to discover the limitations of […]

Why the Nifty Fifty Should Be Your Next Lens

One of the most common questions people ask when getting started in photography and want to expand on their beginner’s kit is “what lens should I buy next?” There’s no easy answer…  there’s so many options!  Why on earth isn’t there just one lens that can do it all? (no really, why? lol…) Lenses vary […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Buying New Lenses

What lenses should I buy?

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Lens Before Your Camera Body Have you ever had that niggling feeling when you take a disappointing shot, that if you bought a new camera you could take better photos? The thing is, your lens has more affect on your photos, so we’re giving you 4 solid reasons why […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Lens Before Your Camera Body

  Wide angle lenses are the queens of distortion! They will stretch, elongate, and generally exaggerate the size of objects through the viewfinder. The cause of the distortion is that the lens is shaped in a way that allows it to include more in the frame than the eye naturally sees…  it squeezes in extra […]

8 Tips to Create Art using Lens Distortion

Why I Love the Canon 135mm f2 Lens In our Click Love Grow Community we chat about lenses a lot… what’s in our camera bag, which ones we love, and the lenses we lust after! My absolute favourite, is the Canon 135mm f2 L series lens. Here on the blog you’ll find a lot of […]

The Canon 135mm f2 Lens… Why I Love it!

what camera should I buy?

Lens Distortion & Portrait Photography Lens distortion is something you need to consider every time you take a photo of a face. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you photograph your children, their faces in your images look completely different to how they look in real life? You’re not imagining it, it is happening, […]

Lens Distortion & Portrait Photography

what lens should i use

Wide angles are often known as great lenses for travel and landscapes as they capture those long sweeping skies which look so great! But wide angles can also be fantastic fun for capturing photos of your kids and fun times at home! Short focal lengths have a distortive effect which elongates and exaggerate the size […]

Wide Angle Fun!