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Behind the Scenes Fairy Lights Photo Tutorial Are you a Christmas lover? The excitement, the anticipation, the planning for the big day? Christmas tree fairy lights are the perfect backdrop for your holiday cards, and this tutorial will show you exactly how to make your fairy lights sparkle! As a bonus, it’s loads of fun […]

Fairy Lights Photo Tutorial

Receive a cheap camera as a child = a love of photography is born. This is such a familiar story… in fact it’s exactly my story too (I won’t tell you what year!)… …but in this instance, the story belongs to Jessica Lea Slade, from Perth in Western Australia. Jess graduated from our Enthusiast Photography […]

Featured Graduate {Jessica Lea Slade}

This week our Enthusiast Photography Course students headed out into the world to shoot a landscape image, or a series of images that when framed together, tell a story without words. We’re so crazy proud of our talented students shooting in full manual mode…. and we were knocked out by their strong compositions and stunning use […]

We Love Landscapes & Storytelling

This week our Enthusiast Photography Course is all about portraits. How to light them for beautiful images that flatter the subject, how to position them in relation to the light, posing tips, tried and true techniques for framing and composing, and more. Then we sent  students out to capture a head and shoulders portrait, taking […]

We Love Beautiful Portraits

This week we celebrate our students shooting in full manual mode after learning (in easy and fun bite sized chunks) how to use shutter speed, aperture and ISO to control the exposure and effect of their images. Their lesson challenge was to bring all their new manual shooting skills together and create an image that […]

We Love Shooting in Manual Mode

Melissa Brown Finley is a lover of all things vintage, mothering, farming, gardening and photography, and she indulges in all these valuable past times from her home in an old farm house in central Texas. Photography had been a hobby for Melissa for several years, and she had a desire to be a professional portrait […]

Featured Graduate {Melissa Brown Finley}

Students had a fantastic time this week! The lesson was all about shutter speed, which is one of the three elements of exposure and is crucial for eliminating the unwanted blur we get when we use our cameras in auto. The challenges gave our students some fun things to try to either freeze or capture […]

We Love Shutter Speed

It was a very exciting week as our students took the first step towards using their cameras in manual mode! Lesson three in our Enthusiast Photography Course is all about aperture, which is one of the three elements of exposure, and we need to understand those elements in order to shoot in manual mode. Aperture […]

We Love Blurry Backgrounds

Learning how to recognise good light, where to find it, and how to position your subject in relation to that light, in a way that is flattering to your subject and ensures depth with gentle shadowing is what Lesson Two is all about! Students in our current Enthusiast Photography Course spent a week practicing, and […]

We Love Beautiful Light

Hello! It’s exciting times as another Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course kicked off last week! Our first lesson as always, is composition. This is where students learn how to purposely take more eye catching photos armed with a knowledge of proven compositional techniques. All our students did such a fabulous job with their challenge […]

We Love Thoughtful Compositions