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Why Your Action Photos are Blurry and How to Control It Have you ever tried to take photos of your kids on the move or playing sport in auto mode on your DSLR? How did they turn out? Whether they’re chasing a football, swimming a 200m butterfly, or speeding toward you on dirt bike… the […]

Kids in Motion – How to Get Sharper Photos

How to Get Blurred Backgrounds with a Kit Lens Blurred backgrounds in our photos is one of the biggest differences between a snapshot and a professional photo. It’s one of the most effective ways to isolate our subject and add depth to our photos. How do you create a blurred background? It’s controlled by your […]

How to Get Blurred Backgrounds with a Kit Lens

How to Shoot in Manual Mode So you’ve bought your first DSLR and it’s not living up to your expectations. You’re taking hundreds of shots… just to fluke a few keepers. Is this where you’re at? When I bought my first DSLR, I thought there was something wrong with it. It simply didn’t live up […]

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

shooting in manual mode dslr

Choosing Lenses – How to Choose the Right Lens for Every Situation! When it comes to lenses, there are so.many.options. It can be totally overwhelming when trying to decide what lens you should use or buy to help you achieve the look you want in your photos. We’re here to break it down for you. […]

What Lens Should I Use?

Behind the Scenes Fairy Lights Photo Tutorial Are you a Christmas lover? The excitement, the anticipation, the planning for the big day? Christmas tree fairy lights are the perfect backdrop for your holiday cards, and this tutorial will show you exactly how to make your fairy lights sparkle! As a bonus, it’s loads of fun […]

Fairy Lights Photo Tutorial

Let’s talk about your next lens purchase! I remember investing in a shiny new DSLR, which came with not one but TWO lenses! It felt like Christmas came early!  Fast forward to a time when I had found the confidence to fly that baby in manual mode, and I began to discover the limitations of […]

Why the Nifty Fifty Should Be Your Next Lens

One of the most common questions people ask when getting started in photography and want to expand on their beginner’s kit is “what lens should I buy next?” There’s no easy answer…  there’s so many options!  Why on earth isn’t there just one lens that can do it all? (no really, why? lol…) Lenses vary […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Buying New Lenses

What lenses should I buy?

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Lens Before Your Camera Body Have you ever had that niggling feeling when you take a disappointing shot, that if you bought a new camera you could take better photos? The thing is, your lens has more affect on your photos, so we’re giving you 4 solid reasons why […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Lens Before Your Camera Body

Receive a cheap camera as a child = a love of photography is born. This is such a familiar story… in fact it’s exactly my story too (I won’t tell you what year!)… …but in this instance, the story belongs to Jessica Lea Slade, from Perth in Western Australia. Jess graduated from our Enthusiast Photography […]

Featured Graduate {Jessica Lea Slade}

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This week our Enthusiast Photography Course students headed out into the world to shoot a landscape image, or a series of images that when framed together, tell a story without words. We’re so crazy proud of our talented students shooting in full manual mode…. and we were knocked out by their strong compositions and stunning use […]

We Love Landscapes & Storytelling

what settings do you use to shoot a silhouette photo