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Photography was never on Melissa Bernard’s radar, until a special event in her family inspired her to pick up a camera to record every.single.moment. A drive to make those recorded memories beautiful led her to take part in our Enthusiast Photography Course in July 2014 and then followed up with our Advanced Photography Course in […]

Featured Graduate {Melissa Bernard}

Kids Photography – How to Capture Kids at Play Mandy Jane Dalby is a Click Love Grow grad, known for her unposed style of kids photography. But this is more than lifestyle… more than documentary. Mandy captures movement and emotion in her kids’ everyday life, in a way that makes it clear she is unhindered […]

Kids Photography – Capturing Kids at Play

  All those settings on your camera can be super confusing… and even put you off attempts to try and figure them out. So in this video, I show you only the settings you actually need to know, and how to get started! Related: AV, TV & What do they mean? Get Out Of Auto […]

Using Manual Mode On Your DSLR

This week on our latest Enthusiast Photography Course, our students learned the ingredients that go into creating a beautiful landscape photo, and how to tell a story using images. Then they headed out into the world with a brief to capture one or the other! We’re very proud of our talented students and the work […]

We Love Landscapes & Storytelling {Lesson Seven}

This week’s lesson in our Enthusiast Photography Course is all about how to take a beautiful portrait. We gave our students everything they needed to know about lighting, posing and composition, and sent them out to create a beautiful, engaging, well composed and professional looking portrait. So at this point in the course, they know […]

We Love Beautiful Portraits {Lesson Six}

There’s always excitement at this point in our Enthusiast Photography Course as we celebrate everyone shooting in full manual mode! Up to this point students have been learning, in easy bite sized chunks, how to use the three elements of manual shooting – shutter speed, aperture and ISO – to control the exposure and effect […]

We Love Bringing it Together {Lesson Five}

Justine Eacott lives in a coastal town in the wheat belt region of Western Australia, an area that is always bustling with tourists. Justine graduated from our Advanced Photography Course at the end of 2016, and we had a chat to her about all things photography!   Q. How did you feel about photography prior […]

Featured Graduate {Justine Eacott}

Students have so much fun in this lesson!  It’s all about shutter speed, and we challenged them to take a photo of a fast moving subject, and try to freeze or capture the motion. The lesson four challenge of our  Enthusiast Photography Course further develops their skills with shooting their DSLRs in manual mode. Shutter […]

We Love Shooting in Manual {Lesson Four}

This week in our Enthusiast Photography Course is always excitement plus as our students get to flick the switch… that is, switch their cameras out of auto! We start with aperture, one of three elements of exposure. So what is aperture? As well as being one of three ways to get light into our photos, […]

We Love Blurry Backgrounds {Lesson Three}

It’s Graduation Time! Our latest Enthusiast Photography Course students have just finished up, and we’re so proud of them and excited to watch them continue to grow in their photography! Our grads now know how to use their DSLRs in full manual mode, and they’re purposefully able to take the beautiful shots they always dreamed […]

We Love {Week Eight}