So you’re ready to upgrade your lens, and you know there’s a range of fabulous lenses that all do fantastic things… but how do you decide which one? I have my own favourite lenses – the Canon 135mm f/2 is my all time favourite for outside portraits. This is followed closely by the 50mm f/1.2 […]

6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a New Lens

What lenses should I buy?

Where Are They Now? Featured Advanced Graduate Almitra Hill

how to shoot freelens

Almitra Hill has a unique eye for fabulously quirky compositions and creative light. It was almost exactly one year ago that we interviewed this Advanced Course graduate, just as she was beginning to explore alternative shooting techniques. Since then we’ve watched her personal style emerge with delight (and a lot of pride!), so much so […]

What is Free Lensing… and How to Do It! Free lensing is a rogue genre of photography that can take our creativity to a whole other level! So first up, what is free lensing? It’s using your lens detached from your camera, whilst holding it loosely inside the lens cavity.  The technique offers an extremely […]

Free Lensing Photography for Beginners

Learn free lensing

Pam’s Favourite Lens

Lou asked me to chat about my favourite lens. Wait, what? What favourite? I honestly had to sit here and give that question some serious pondering, with thinking music, because I love all my lenses for different reasons. Plus to pick a favourite felt… mean to the other lenses. I’m not weird. I thought about […]