🌟 CLG Online Photography Retreat ON SALE NOW! Starts July 11th!


🌟 CLG Online Photography Retreat ON SALE NOW! Starts July 11th!

My Journey to Here

Our 8 Week Enthusiast Photography Course is starting again SOON! You'll learn how to get the most from your DSLR & take photos you LOVE!


Learn How to Shoot Confidently in Manual Mode!

  1. cajetane says:

    Hi Louise, this is such a generous and encouraging post – I really love this, I am so reassured. I often (USUALLY!) feel so frustrated that I can’t seem to capture what I see in my mind’s eye for others to see! It’s a good reminder to KEEP GOING and not just let my camera sit there because I feel so disappointed with my results. It’s just about experimenting and learning and enjoying each tiny bit of progress. Thank you 🙂

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      That’s so true Cajetane… it’s the picking up and keep going that can sometimes be really difficult! Thanks so much, I’m really glad it was helpful to show the progress!

  2. Terri says:

    I so needed to read this. Since the April course I have hardly picked up my camera, shame really, as I know my photos had improved heaps………..thank YOU! Time to pick up the camera and get shooting again xx

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      Hi Terri, yes definitely keep picking it up and practicing and taking shots! It’s always so special to have those images to look back on.. even when they’re not “technically perfect”!

  3. Kate Tcaciuc says:

    Loved reading this and seeing the photos over the years Louise. So true that the best part of your photography passion is the beautiful photos you have of your girls. I aspire to do as well as you’ve done over the years with both your personal and professional photography!

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      Thank you Kate, yes it is so lovely looking back… even if the photos aren’t perfect I’m so grateful that I have them, and my girls LOVE looking through all the albums and images that we have!

  4. Michelle Dhillon says:

    🙂 thank you for giving me back my love of photography and for opening my eyes to fresh inspiration. I started out intent on doing something with a passion thats been life long, though complimented on my auto photos i’d never had time to commit to learning manual , everything went askew with commitments and demands on the home and business front here but i feel re-inspired to follow through on my dreams with photography.
    I’m glad i came back for the enthusiast course it has also helped me greatly with my Cert4 in Design/Photography. I still want to complete all of your courses but as i’m overstretched commitment wise I have to juggle everything in my life and reduce issues as they arise to stop the whole mountain caving in on me. I’ll be keenly tackling as much as i can in hope that i can come back sooner to enjoy the journey in completing the rest of the CLG courses. Its lovely to see that there is hope for us even if we didn’t do as well as hoped, i was a little dissapointed in my efforts until i read your story here now i feel happy positive and keen to keep pursuing this obsession 🙂

    • LouiseGlendon says:

      That’s so lovely to hear Michelle and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the course!

      It’s always a learning process for sure, I can relate to that! It’s great to have you a part of our CLG Community! Xx

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