When you’re a photographer, it can be a really tricky balance of shooting for clients, taking all the family memory style photos, AND taking photos for pure joy! The kind of creative ‘play’ many of us used to shoot when we were first learning… Maybe your kids have grown up or they’re not as home […]

How Passion Projects Can Spark Your Creativity As A Photographer

female dancer on surface of lake at sunset

8 Things You Can Do Today To Take Better Photos

Are you not loving your photos, but can’t put your finger on why?  I remember feeling really frustrated with my camera and wanting to take better photos of my kids and travels. But it felt so overwhelming when I tried to dive into learning photography. There was so much online help, but I had no […]

We probably all know that if you want to make kids smile quickly and easily for photos, ask them to “say cheese!” BUT the problem with that is you’ll generally get phony, cheesy, sugary full of teeth smiles, which can be great sometimes but doesn’t show off their real personalities and we don’t want the […]

10 Easy Tricks to Get Real Smiles from Kids for Photos

Mastering Monochrome Portraits for Storytelling Power

Black & white photography is a powerful storytelling tool. When we remove colour, it eliminates any elements that could work to detract from the main subject. In doing so, our viewer’s eye is more drawn to our portrait subject, and we can use it to reveal the soul and character of our subjects. Today we’re […]

Demystifying Lifestyle, Documentary & Portrait Photography I love photographing faces, and I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. When I started out, all my shots were traditional portraits. As my skills improved and I gained experience, I posed my subjects less and less. I became confident in my abilities to produce professional portrait […]

Lifestyle vs. Documentary vs. Portrait Photography – What Is The Difference?

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Birth Photo Ideas: A Guide To Capturing a Cesarean Birth

birth photo ideas

Birth Photo Ideas – How To Shoot C-Section Pictures Cesarean birth photography is a genre with unique challenges around light, space, safety, protocols and simple logistics! If you’re completely new to this, head to our Complete Guide to Birth Photography with Alana Prosper first. It details everything you need to know to shoot birth photos […]

Every year about this time I’m starting to think about our annual family photo, because pop that baby into a beautiful frame and it’s pretty much the perfect Christmas present for the Grandparents! And one thing I always think about is… outfits! Whether you’ve booked a professional family session or you’re going to take your […]

What to Wear at Your Family Portrait Session

How To Shoot Beautiful Extended Family Pictures

extended family pictures

Tips For an Easy Extended Family Photo Session! The thought of capturing pictures of a large extended family is terrifying for many, and I know lots of photographers who make it a policy to decline them.  Those who did take them on chewed their nails in the lead-up, sweated buckets during, and cried with relief when it was over. […]

9 Prompts & Poses for Guys

A Step By Step Guide: Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

Milk bath maternity photo shooting

The Rising Trend Of Milk Bath Maternity Photography It seems like milk bath portraits are the new black in maternity photography, and why not… they look ahh-mazing! But how do you do them?  Do you actually fill a bathtub with milk or is the water coloured?  Are the flowers fresh, dried or fake?  And assuming […]