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Want to Learn Manual Mode by Christmas?


Demystifying Lifestyle, Documentary &Portrait Photography I love photographing faces, and I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. When I started out, all my photos were traditional portraits. As my skills improved and I had some experience behind me, I posed my subjects less and less. I became confident in my abilities to produce […]

Lifestyle vs Documentary vs Portrait Photography – What’s the Difference?

Birth Photography – How to Shoot a Cesarean Birth Cesarean birth photography is a genre with unique challenges around light, space, safety, protocols and simple logistics! If you’re completely new to birth photography, head here first… it’s our Complete Guide to Birth Photography with Alana Prosper. It details everything you need to know to shoot […]

Birth Photography – A Cesarean Birth

Try These 10 Tricks to Engage Kids for Natural Smiles in Photos If you want to get kids to smile quickly and easily for photos, ask them to “say cheese!”. The problem with this is, you’ll get phony, cheesy, unappealing smiles where they barely even look like their real selves! If you want real smiles […]

10 Easy Tricks to Get Real Smiles from Kids for Photos

It seems like milk bath portraits are the new black in maternity photography, and why not… they look ahh-mazing! But how do you do them? Do you actually fill a bath tub with milk or is the water coloured? Are the flowers fresh, dried or fake? And assuming the bathroom is teeeeny like mine… how […]

A Step by Step Guide to Milk Bath Maternity Sessions

Whether it’s Pre-School, Pre-K, Childcare or Nursery… just like ‘big-school’ they have special photos days when you send your kids in their cutest outfits, attempt to style their hair neater than usual, and hope for the best that they stay clean and tidy for when the photographer arrives! When we think back to our own […]

How to Get Started as a Pre-School Photographer

Lifestyle photography is a style that aims to capture organic moments as they unfold, without posing.  However when a family has many children, unless you’re photographing them all in a confined space, it can be like herding cats! Sarah Croker learned her craft through our Enthusiast Photography Course and our Advanced Photography Course. She’s since […]

The Ultimate Lifestyle Photography Guide for Large Families

Over the last two weeks our new Advanced Photography Course students have been learning about high and low key exposures, as part of our advanced exposure module. It’s not an easy challenge, and it’s fair to say everyone felt out of their comfort zone! But they all showed such a determination to nail it, so […]

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

A brand new batch of Click Love Grow students are bravely stepping out of their comfort zones, as they dive excitedly into our first Advanced Photography Course for the year! As always, we’re kicking the Monday blues to the kerb with this totally divine collection of inspiring images from our students and graduates alike. So […]

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

This week’s highlights reel comes to you entirely from our Graduate’s community! Why? Because it’s one of those rare times when we’re in between courses. But not for long! Our first Advanced Photography Course for 2018 kicks off tomorrow! Whoop!! In the meantime, enjoy this delicious collection…   If you want to learn to use […]

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

It’s graduation time in our Enthusiast Photography Course! We LOVE this part because we get to show off how far our students have come in their photography, in just 8 weeks (!!!), by sharing incredible before and after photos! You can clearly see evidence of improved compositions, light, exposures, sharpness… and check out their blurry […]

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel