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This week’s highlights reel comes to you entirely from our Graduate’s community! Why? Because it’s one of those rare times when we’re in between courses. But not for long! Our first Advanced Photography Course for 2018 kicks off tomorrow! Whoop!! In the meantime, enjoy this delicious collection…   If you want to learn to use […]

Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

how to do macro photography

Lifestyle Photography Secrets

lifestyle photography secrets

Merissa Wakefield has perfected the art of lifestyle photography. She had to… her daughter is 2 years old. If you have a toddler now, ever had a toddler, or even spent 3 seconds with any toddler… you’ll already know they’re not exactly conducive to posed portraiture! Our entire Click Love Grow graduates community are in […]

Justine Eacott lives in a coastal town in the wheat belt region of Western Australia, an area that is always bustling with tourists. Justine graduated from our Advanced Photography Course at the end of 2016, and we had a chat to her about all things photography!   Q. How did you feel about photography prior […]

Featured Graduate {Justine Eacott}

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5 Photography Rules You Should Break!

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”, said Pablo Picasso. Pablo was referring to the rules of art… but what does that statement even mean? If we break the rules, won’t the image just be wrong? That’s what I used to ask myself! But one day it made […]

Today’s post is 2-fold! I’ve had lots of people asking recently about how I got started in photography, and about my journey to here… so I wanted to share! And seccondly, I’ve noticed a lot of conversations amongst our students that one of the biggest challenges they’re facing… it’s not what shutter speed to choose… but the curse […]

My Journey to Here

Grad Feature {Alison Britten}

I can’t believe it’s almost two years ago since we first chatted to Click Love Grow Graduate, Alison Britten, fresh out of our Enthusiast and Advanced Photography Courses she shared with us her progress and journey so far in 2014!  Back then her photography goal was to get out of auto… and it’s fair to say […]

Try These 8 Tips ForBetter Photos Today Are you not loving your photos, but can’t put your finger on why? You want to take better photos, but just don’t know where to start? I remember feeling really frustrated with my camera and wanting to take better photos of my kids and travels. But it felt […]

8 Things You Can Do Today To Take Better Photos

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Baby on a Bed

So I gotta say, I’m loving this whole baby business 3rd time around (and I did ofcourse 1st and 2nd aswell!) But you’ll notice there’s a big age difference between my kids, because we genuinely did ‘umm and aghh’ for a really long time about whether or not we were done… but I can gratefully say we’d never […]

Many of us first become interested in photography because we want to record all those gorgeous memories of our family life at home.  Plus we are usually at home!  But it can be easy to get stuck in a rut composing our photos against a plain wall when indoors. I can help you with some […]

At Home Portraits – Don’t Get Stuck In A Plain Wall Rut!

Don’t say ‘Cheese’

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This is a Guest Post shared with us by Karis from Emily June Photography in Maryland US. Karis takes beautiful children and family portraits, and has some fabulous tips to help us take our own trouble-free Kids Photos! Beautiful Photos without Tears or Tantrums My absolute favorite subjects to photograph are children. There is something […]