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Documentary photography is a fly on the wall approach to capturing life, which is perfect for taking photos of our kids in their everyday moments! The result is an authentic story of their childhood that you can put into albums and pass down the generations of your family. There’s a challenge that comes with capturing […]

17 Tips for Capturing Everyday Moments of Your Kids

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Tell Your Family Story with Documentary Photography

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Documentary Photography for Storytelling Photos Photographer’s child syndrome is real at the best of times, but these days with most of us stuck at home, it’s even more tricky to get photos of our kids! For that reason we love a documentary style approach to capturing our kids in photos. It not only takes the […]

7 Tips for Gorgeous Motherhood Photo Sessions   Have you heard about motherhood photo sessions?  They’re all the rage at the moment and with Mother’s Day fast approaching now is the time to find a gorgeous mama and take some photos for her to cherish! Merissa Wakefield is a master of this session type, and […]

7 Tips for Gorgeous Motherhood Photo Sessions

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7 Tips to Capture a Fresh 48

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How to Photograph a Fresh 48 Session A Fresh 48 is the new black in newborn photography. So what exactly is it? It’s a newborn session that takes place during the first 48 hours of a baby’s life. This special type of photo session aims to capture many of the early moments and special firsts, […]

Embrace Lifestyle Food Photography Sally Frawley loves family, good coffee, cooking, and high quality, locally produced food. You might say she’s a foodie (we do!). She also loves photography, and so it was natural evolution that she would one day bring all of those things together and photograph food in a lifestyle manner, enabling her […]

A Lifestyle Food Photography Guide

31 Days of Summer – A Creative Photo Project

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A Photo Project CelebratingSummer, Memories & Family Celebrating her daughter’s very first summer by taking a photo a day for a month was only meant to be a once off for Bec Brindley, back in 2013. Little did she know it would be the beginning of an annual family tradition, still going strong 7 projects […]

Making the Most of Low Lightin Lifestyle Photography A lack of good natural light is something that occupies the minds of photographers with more regularity than we care to admit (except to other photographers!). And that truth is felt most keenly with indoor lifestyle photography. Why? Because we can’t control the location and therefore, the […]

Lifestyle Photography Tips for a Dark House

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How I Became a Better Photographer

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Embracing Photo Challenges for Creative Growth At Click Love Grow we are always encouraging our students and grads to keep learning… and the best thing about our courses is that the fun doesn’t end when you graduate. It’s important to keep practicing what you know and to keep using your skills… but it’s also important […]

How to Capture Kids at Play! Capturing our kids can be challenging for a variety of reasons, the most common being they simply get sick of our camera in their faces! But what if they’re just busy kids? I’m not just talking about kids who don’t stop moving… …for many of us, the older our […]

Kids Photography – Capturing Kids at Play

Lifestyle vs Documentary vs Portrait Photography – What’s the Difference?

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Demystifying Lifestyle, Documentary &Portrait Photography I love photographing faces, and I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. When I started out, all my photos were traditional portraits. As my skills improved and I had some experience behind me, I posed my subjects less and less. I became confident in my abilities to produce […]