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I love to take photos of my kids at the park – which is just as well given how much time we spend there! But sometimes my kids photography feels a bit same old, same old, and my toddler loves bubbles. So every now and then, we mix things up a little with some bubble […]

Kids Photography – Bubble Photos

toddler boy chasing bubbles

Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of things to capture? It often coincides with the kids getting sick of having their photo taken! But that’s the perfect time to step back, wait, and keep your eye out for the simple joys of life and childhood, the kind that brings pure joy to the […]

23 Photos Depicting Life’s Simple Joys

My house is dark, especially in the winter time. So for the longest time, when I wanted to photograph my kids, I’d drag them all across the road to the park at golden hour in search of some nice, pretty, predictable natural light. I’d stalk other photographers on Instagram and obsess over their gorgeous indoor […]

A Day In The Light

12 Stunning Photos Depicting Solitude This week’s highlights reel of images from our fabulous Grads are a handful of our faves from the most recent challenge, the theme of which was “solitude”. I love how our Grads used their focal length, composition or framing (or a combination of all of those skills) to convey a […]

12 Stunning Photos Depicting Solitude

dslr photography lessons

7 Ways to Capture Your Kids Outdoors This Summer As our friends in the northern hemisphere slide into summer, we went for a wander in our CLG community looking for fun ways to capture kids in summer. Welcome to this weeks highlights reel of images from our talented Grads, we hope it inspires you to […]

7 Ways to Capture Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

sunflower pictures

22 Photos of Everyday Moments to Capture Our brand new creative workshop Documenting Family Life kicked off last week, and we’re loving watching on as everyone learns how to view their own everyday moments through new eyes. So this week’s highlights reel of images from our community is a gorgeous collection showcasing  a variety of […]

22 Photos of Everyday Moments to Capture

every day moment photos

When it comes to documenting family in photos, our story is best told through capturing the small, everyday moments from our daily lives. You know what I’m talking about… little things such as a sweet face smeared in pasta sauce, which will remind you in 20 years how much your baby loved lasagna back in […]

7 Tips for Documenting Family at Home

what is documentary photography

Documentary Photography for Storytelling Photos Photographer’s child syndrome is real at the best of times, but these days with most of us stuck at home, it’s even more tricky to get photos of our kids! For that reason we love a documentary style approach to capturing our kids in photos. It not only takes the […]

Tell Your Family Story with Documentary Photography

best documentary photos

7 Tips for Gorgeous Motherhood Photo Sessions   Have you heard about motherhood photo sessions?  They’re all the rage at the moment and with Mother’s Day fast approaching now is the time to find a gorgeous mama and take some photos for her to cherish! Merissa Wakefield is a master of this session type, and […]

7 Tips for Gorgeous Motherhood Photo Sessions

motherhood session ideas

How to Photograph a Fresh 48 Session A Fresh 48 is the new black in newborn photography. So what exactly is it? It’s a session that takes place during the first 48 hours of a newborn’s life. It aims to capture many of the early moments and special firsts, before they leave the hospital to […]

7 Tips to Capture a Fresh 48

what is a fresh 48