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Getting Variety In Your 3 Month Baby Pictures 3 month old baby pictures are tricky…they’re more wakeful than newborns, but not yet sitting. Often won’t stay on their side, and they can’t hold their head up (or at least not for very long!). This pretty much leaves you with one pose…baby on their back. For […]

7 Tips For Beautiful 3 Month Old Baby Pictures

3 month old baby lying on brown blanket

How To Take Beautiful Newborn Twins Photos

newborn twins photography

Newborn Twins Photography Tips Taking photos of a single newborn comes with challenges, but imagine if you had two at the same time! How do you light newborn twins to avoid one casting shadows on the other? How do you pose them? What about settings and which twin do you focus on? This was a […]

Take Your Own Beautiful Newborn Photos A professional newborn photo session is a luxury and a treat, and as photographers naturally we appreciate the value. But we know realistically you can’t employ a professional photographer every other week, and your baby is changing and growing every other day! So if you want to take your […]

7 DIY Newborn Photo Tips

Using a Macro Lens for Newborn Photography

macro newborn session

How to Use a Macro Lens to Photograph a Newborn The ultimate goal of newborn photography is capturing the essence of that little person whilst they’re still very new to the world. Because that very newness will grow and change in a heartbeat, and you want a visual record of it before it’s gone. Especially […]

How to Photograph a Fresh 48 Session A Fresh 48 is the new black in newborn photography. So what exactly is it? It’s a newborn session that takes place during the first 48 hours of a baby’s life. This special type of photo session aims to capture many of the early moments and special firsts, […]

7 Tips to Capture a Fresh 48

fresh 48 of newborn

Toddler & Newborn Photography Guide

newborn and toddler photo ideas

Newborn And Toddler Photography Tips, Posing & Prompts Finding some inspiring photo ideas when shooting a toddler is challenging enough… throw in a newborn and that’s next level! You could just pop that toddler in the frame at the absolute last second and crazily fire off a round of high speed continuous shots. Bam, done! […]

Lifestyle Newborn Session… A Collection of Moments This featured session is from brand new Advanced grad Kailey Nagymarosi. Along with shooting and building a portfolio, Kailey is a mama, wife, and youth counsellor based in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada. At the time of posting, Kailey was still working on her website. But you […]

Lifestyle Newborn Session – A Collection of Moments

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