As a photographer, it’s important to explore new subjects and experiment with different types of photography. While it’s easy to focus on traditional photography subjects like landscapes or portraits, there are so many other interesting subjects that you can capture. So today I’m sharing 10 non-traditional things to photograph that can help you expand your […]

10 Non-Traditional Subjects to Photograph

How Passion Projects Can Spark Your Creativity As A Photographer

female dancer on surface of lake at sunset

When you’re a photographer, it can be a really tricky balance of shooting for clients, taking all the family memory style photos, AND taking photos for pure joy! The kind of creative ‘play’ many of us used to shoot when we were first learning… Maybe your kids have grown up or they’re not as home […]

You don’t have to leave home to find photo inspiration, and indulge your love of photography. And when looking for ideas on what to shoot, we looked no further than Alice Mariette – award-winning photographer with an eye for the little things and the heart of an artist. And as a mother of 3 including […]

Photo Inspiration at Home – Finding Magic in Your Everyday

Breaking The Rules Like An Artist

Lovely soft light, the rule of thirds, nice, even exposures… These are all the fundamental skills we are taught when we first take the plunge into manual mode and begin learning photography. And there’s a reason for this – a thorough understanding of these technical elements helps us build a strong foundation for our photography, […]

Pink Photos: A Highlights Reel Of Inspiration At first glance, a colour themed photo challenge might seem a little simplistic…but a definite challenge exists in creating pink photos that not only meet the colour brief but are also beautifully eye-catching!  So in that way, a colour theme really does stretch your photography skills and creativity…and […]

Creative Photography Ideas: A Colour Inspired Photo Project

pink photos of girl in nature for themed album project

Behind-The-Scenes: CLG Magazine (Plus An Exclusive Sneak Peek!)

Screenshot of magazine spread

This month Click Love Grow reaches a brand new milestone as an Online Photography School, publishing our very first In-Print Magazine! A gorgeous coffee table issue, filled with beautiful images, stories and highlights from our students and community, and a celebration of all that’s been achieved in the last 12months. Plus we wanted to look […]

For many people, photography is a passion. They love thumbing through albums of family memories, and you’ll find them constantly snapping away at family events and get togethers. But what happens when there’s a disconnect between the photos you envision yourself taking in your head, and the ones your camera produces when you click the […]

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Emily Lomax

Top down photo of baby on change mat

Highlights Reel – 20 Grad Images & Tips to Inspire

Happy Monday and welcome to our regular weekly highlights reel of inspo! This is where we show our love for our Grads by featuring some of our fave images they’ve taken recently! Aren’t they gorgeous? We hope it inspires you to get out and shoot (practice makes perfect!). Grab the related tutorials and challenge yourself […]

We all know that feeling of losing ourselves in photography; we find flow and all sense of time and reality fade away. We tune in and create work that speaks to us. Maybe we discover something new or perhaps we create nothing worthy of processing at all but a seed of an idea starts to […]

Photography as Self Expression

21 Creative Images Using Selective Focus

Our highlights reel this week is a collection of our fave images taken by our talented Grads for our most recent challenge in our Grad’s group, the theme of which was “selective focus”. I love these for the focus on details, the storytelling aspect, and the obvious consideration of their surroundings in order to create […]