Nail Your 4th of July Fireworks Photos! If you’ve ever tried to photograph fireworks, you probably already know it can be tricky. The good news is the only thing standing between you and perfect fireworks photos is a handful of tech tips. And for that, we got you covered! Andrea McNelley is a Click Love […]

How to Photograph Fireworks

Sidewalk Chalk Photos –A Fun Photo Project Photographer’s child syndrome anyone? I know you know the pain, because it’s not limited to professional photographers. Our kids love having their photo taken… the first 18 times. But the next eleventy billion shots? Not so much! Sidewalk chalk photos are the antidote to photographer’s child syndrome. Big […]

Sidewalk Chalk Photgraphy Tips

side walk chalk photos

Panning – Learn this FunTechnique for Capturing Motion Panning is a creative photography technique which involves physically tracking a subject in motion by moving your camera at the same speed. The goal is a sharp subject, against a streaky background. Our subject is kept sharp when our camera moves with them at the same pace, […]

Panning – a Step by Step Guide for Beginners

panning photos

8 Fun & Easy DIY Photography Backdrop Ideas Sometimes you just can’t find that perfect combination of good light and an uncluttered background to shoot portraits indoors. At times like that, a photography backdrop is the answer… but it doesn’t need to be expensive! In fact, it’s super easy to create a DIY photography backdrop! […]

DIY Photography Backdrop Ideas

easy photo backdrop

Kids Love a Confetti Photo Session!   I’ve always wanted to try confetti photos!  They’re fun, whimsical, colourful and I knew my kids would love it!  And let’s face it… for most of us, photo sessions need to be fun for our kids to willingly participate! The end result I was going for was my […]

How to Take Confetti Photos

Finding the Pretty (or what to shoot when you can’t leave home!) Hi there – it’s Pam here! I’m a mum… I have a job, 3 tonnes of washing per week, and 1278 pieces of stray lego to pick up before I vacuum. I also have a cat that sheds white fur like she’s trying […]

Finding the Pretty – Fun Photo Ideas