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Finding the Pretty – Fun Photo Ideas

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  1. Leah says:

    Thank you for this post!!!
    I was only just complaining to my husband last night and a girlfriend today on what to shoot and having no time to shoot (the time thing would be another great post)
    As a stay at home mum to a 2yo and 4mo I have very little time or energy but I love my camera!!
    And just shooting the kids can be tiring and deflating at times.
    Thanks for another idea on what else I can practise on.

  2. PamB says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and the beautiful colours. I am nowhere near feeling comfortable with my camera’s manual settings yet (hopefully a future CLG student). But I love playing with composition and I am very tempted to find myself a macro lens now that I see what you are doing with it.

  3. Jill Douglas says:

    I love this post because I totally do this! As a mom, I’m at home a lot, which can be awesome and sometimes tedious. My solution: get the camera and start shooting. It always helps me have perspective and sometimes, I even get some pretty cool shots.


    • LouiseGlendon says:

      Isn’t it true Jill! I’m the same… I love wandering the garden with my camera, I find it really relaxing and the kids enjoy following me around aswell and pointing out flowers and things I could photograph!

  4. Shannon says:

    Great post Pam. And timely for me. I was wondering why such high ISOs ?

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