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Have you heard about motherhood photo sessions?  They’re all the rage at the moment, and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, now is the time to find a gorgeous mama and take some pictures for her to cherish! In this blog, we’ll share some ideas and offer tips on how to make the most out of […]

7 Tips For Gorgeous Motherhood Photo Sessions

motherhood beach photo session

3 Secrets To Beautiful Backlit Photos

Beautifully backlit photos are dreamy, warm, golden, whimsical…what’s not to love? But there’s more to creating a stunning backlit portrait than finding light and putting it behind your subject. Click Love Grow Instructor Merissa Wakefield is a master of backlit photography, and she has shared her top 3 secrets for nailing your next shoot!   […]

If you’re always the one taking pictures of your loved ones, you’ll miss being part of such sweet memories. It’s time to jump in the frame! Here are some great family picture ideas to get you started.    DIY Ideas For Family Pictures As mothers, we are so often the ones with a camera in […]

Family Picture Ideas: How To Take Your Own!

family photoshoot

How to Get Sharper Photos of Kids in Motion

Why Your Action Photos are Blurry and How to Control It Have you ever tried to take photos of your kids on the move or playing sport in auto mode on your DSLR? How did they turn out? Whether they’re chasing a football, swimming a 200m butterfly, or speeding toward you on dirt bike… the […]

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits   Contemporary portrait photography is modern, fun and creative, often characterised by outside the box compositions, unexpected locations, experimental use of light and raw, simple posing that captivates the viewer. Bronwyn Pickering is a CLG Advanced Grad who we would describe as a master at this genre, but the truth […]

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits

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Self Portraiture as Self Expression – Start an Art Series

woman exploring self-portraiture

Creative Workshop Series, Portrait Photography From selfies to group portraits, self-portraits are a great way to explore and experiment with your inner creative side. Whether you’re experimenting with lighting, trying different angles, or just trying out a new filter, self-portraiture allows you to express yourself in new and exciting ways. Do you feel like you […]

Much as we love the organic nature of documentary and lifestyle portraits, there’s beauty in the simplicity of uncluttered studio portraits, which highlight our subjects so powerfully. That said, you don’t need a studio to take beautiful, simple studio portraits easily at home. So today’s highlights reel is a collection of studio portraits taken by […]

How To Take Studio Portraits At Home

studio portrait of baby girl

B&W Portraits – How to Capture Mood Using Tone

Today we’re going to take a deep dive into black & white portrait photography, specifically how to communicate mood in your photos. Read on to learn how to use light and tone with intention to convey a certain feel in stunning black & white portraits!   Tone – What Is It? Tone is one of […]

Young girls’ flower portrait photography can be a challenge, but with the right lighting and composition, you can create stunning portraits that showcase the beauty of these blossoms. While the spontaneity of documentary and lifestyle photography have their own kind of magic, there will always be a place for the classic beauty of traditional portraiture, […]

Young Girls Photography – Behind The Scenes Of a Flower Portrait Shoot

flower portrait photography of young girl

19 Inspiring Ideas for Creative Self Portraits

self portrait of woman dancing

Want to get in front of the lens more often, but don’t know where to start? Feeling super awkward posing for the camera? Or maybe you have no problem with confidence but you’re stuck in a creative rut! Well, we have just the solution! This collection of creative self portraits from our graduates community has […]