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DIY Cake Smash Photos What better way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday than with a fun cake smash photo session! But what if the expense of baby’s first birthday present, a party, cake, and all.the.things… has exhausted the budget and there’s nothing left for a professional photo shoot? Or maybe you tried it already… […]

Take Your Own Cake Smash Photos

Create Dramatic Natural Light Portraits Using Single Window Light It’s a common misconception that when you want to start taking more dramatic portraits, you need to invest in and learn how to use studio lights or off camera flash. Whilst they do obviously have their place, we will show you how to level up your […]

Easy Dramatic Natural Light Portraits

Try These Fun Photo Ideas for Capturing Brothers When it comes to kids photography, Dana Whitley is a Click Love Grow graduate who has a knack for capturing her boys in a candid manner. Through her un-posed photos she records their childhood in a way that communicates their essence. Her photos are universally loved in […]

Kids Photography Ideas – Capturing Brothers

A Complete Guide to Birth Photography Birth photography… As a mother, it makes perfect sense to me to photograph one of the most important days of my life. If only I could go back in time to do it! Sadly, it was barely a genre when I was birthing my littles. As photo sessions go, […]

A Complete Guide to Birth Photography

Take Your Own Family Photos – Get in the Frame! As mothers, we are so often the one with camera in hand, recording all our family’s special events and everyday moments. But before we know it, months (or even years!) can go by without us ever appearing in our own family photos! But the photos […]

Take Your Own Family Photos – Get in the Frame!

20 Unposed Poses for Natural Family Photos Posing people can be one of the most challenging aspects of portrait photography. In my experience most subjects awkwardly await direction, when what I want is for them to interact naturally so I can capture their love and connection. So they need some direction. But I’m not talking […]

20 Posing Ideas for Natural Photos

Couples Photography – How to Capture the Love Click Love Grow grad Dana Whitley loves couples photography so much, she decided to make the genre the sole focus of her business. I’d loved all of Dana’s work (especially her photos of her boys… I die!). But in particular, her couples photography always stopped me in […]

Couples Photography – Capturing Love Stories

How to Take Golden Hour Beach Photos Photographers by nature are light lovers at heart, and for that reason the golden hour is a much loved time of day. It’s warm, beautiful, consistent, and you can take dreamy portraits with it. It’s particularly perfect for beach photos, what with those open expanses of sea and […]

How to Take Golden Hour Beach Photos

How to Select your Aperture for Large Group Groups One of the easiest ways to improve our portraits is by creating beautiful background blur. It’s a great effect because it creates a clutter free background, which is essential in making sure our subjects pop!   You need to be shooting in manual mode to get […]

How to Select your Aperture for Large Group Photos

How to Find the Perfect Indoor Portrait Location Natural light photography is beautiful, and let’s face it, in many respects it’s a lot easier than trying to master a speedlight! But do you ever struggle to find beautiful light indoors to take your portraits? Maybe you have good light, but it’s not in the best location… ie. […]

Natural Light Photography – Finding Light Indoors