Our recent Studio Portraits Creative Workshop led by Kellee Kromarek Hann wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and we were so thrilled to see everyone getting into the fun! We saw students creating mini studios at home, enthusiastically sourcing props, playing with styling, and exploring easy studio lighting set ups. By the end of […]

A Highlights Reel of Studio Style Grad Photos!

Much as we love the organic nature of documentary and lifestyle portraits, there’s beauty in the simplicity of an uncluttered studio portrait which highlights our subject so powerfully. That said you don’t need a studio to take beautiful, simple studio portraits easily at home. So today’s highlights reel is a collection of studio portraits taken […]

How to Take Studio Portraits at Home

What Aperture To Use For Large Groups Knowing what aperture to use to create a beautiful background blur is one of the easiest ways to improve our portraits.  It’s a great effect because it creates a clutter free background, which is essential in making sure our subjects pop!     You need to be shooting […]

What Aperture To Use For Large Group Photos

what aperture to use when shooting family photos

Beautifully backlit photos are dreamy, warm, golden, whimsical… what’s not to love? But there’s more to creating a stunning backlit photo than finding light and putting it behind your subject. Click Love Grow Instructor Merissa Wakefield is a master of backlighting, and she has shared her top 3 secrets for nailing your backlit photos! 1. […]

3 Secrets to Beautiful Backlit Photos

backlit photos

The Best Family Portrait Poses For Authentic Photos Yep, we’re talking family photo posing ideas! And amazing pictures your clients will cherish for years to come! This guide will give you the best family portrait poses, tips and compositional guidelines. So join us today to find out everything you need to capture beautiful family portraits, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Family Portrait Poses

family portrait poses in field

Tips To Become A Master Grad Photographer When it comes to grads photography, the most beautiful images of senior girls are the ones where the subjects are relaxed and comfortable, because this is where their personalities and spirits will shine. CLG grad and family photographer Kellee Kromarek Hann is a master at senior photography, with […]

Grads Photography – 9 Senior Girl Poses & Prompts

girl poses to use when shooting senior girl

The Positive Co-Parenting Project – An Inspiring Photo Essay by Kellee Kromarek Hann   Positive co-parenting is an issue CLG Grad Kellee Kromarek Hann is passionate about. So much in fact that she recently embarked on a photo project to highlight the benefits to children when they exist within a loving blended family. We were […]

The Positive Co-Parenting Project by Kellee Kromarek Hann

two blended families co-parenting with 5 children

Our highlights reel this week is a celebration of our Contemporary Portraits Creative Workshop which just finished up earlier this month! This collection was taken by workshop students and our talented mentor Bronwyn Pickering, and are a stunning visual of all they took away when learning how to plan and execute a contemporary portrait session. […]

32 Contemporary Portrait Ideas

creative portrait ideas

How to Take Photos of Newborn Twins Taking newborn photos comes with challenges, but imagine if you had two newborns at the same time! How do you light newborn twins to avoid one casting shadows on the other? How do you pose them? What about settings and which twin do you focus on? This was […]

How to Take Photos of Your Newborn Twins

what aperture newborn photos

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits   Contemporary portrait photography is modern, fun and creative, often characterised by outside the box compositions, unexpected locations, experimental use of light and raw, simple posing that captivates the viewer. Bronwyn Pickering is a CLG Advanced Grad who we would describe as a master at this genre, but the truth […]

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits

hard light shadow photos