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A Posing Guide for Awesome Photos of Teen Guys When it comes to male poses, quite often they aren’t the most comfortable modeling in front of the camera. That applies especially in the case of teen guys.  That’s why it makes a huge difference to simply direct them because on the whole, they just want […]

9 Prompts & Poses for Guys

male poses with one hand in the pocket

19 Inspiring Ideas for Creative Self Portraits

self portrait of woman dancing

Want to get in front of the lens more often, but don’t know where to start? Feeling super awkward posing for the camera? Or maybe you have no problem with confidence but you’re stuck in a creative rut! Well, we have just the solution! This collection of creative self portraits from our graduates community has […]

Welcome to our highlights reel! This week we had an abundance of love and connection in the Grad’s Group, by way of gorgeous family photos! And so it is our highlights reel is themed around family, with tips and ideas for capturing wall-worthy photos!   Posing Ideas To get really authentic, natural looking photos, use […]

19 Beautiful Family Photo Ideas & Tips

How To Shoot Beautiful Extended Family Pictures

extended family pictures

Tips For an Easy Extended Family Photo Session! The thought of capturing pictures of a large extended family is terrifying for many, and I know lots of photographers who make it a policy to decline them.  Those who did take them on chewed their nails in the lead-up, sweated buckets during, and cried with relief when it was over. […]

20 Unposed Cute Couple Poses For Natural Photos Couple poses can be one of the most challenging aspects of portrait photography. In my experience, most subjects awkwardly await direction when what I want is for them to interact naturally so I can capture their love and connection. However, this also applies to family, friends and […]

20 People & Couple Poses Ideas For Natural Photos

hugging couple poses for the photo

7 Tips For Beautiful 3 Month Old Baby Pictures

3 month old baby lying on brown blanket

Hello! If you’re here reading this tutorial which is aimed at beginners, then our Enthusiast Photography Course might be just what you’re looking for. This course has taught thousands of women to shoot confidently in manual mode to take photos they love (in just 8 weeks!). If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, […]

Beautiful Poses For a Maternity Photoshoot With a Toddler We see so many beautiful artistic and highly styled pregnancy photos online, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all a bit overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Heidi Talic, a Click Love Grow courses grad, prefers more of a lifestyle approach to her maternity sessions, […]

7 Maternity Picture Ideas With a Toddler

maternity pictures with toddler

How To Look Great in Your Self Portraits!

There’s lots of reasons why we might want a self portrait… for work, to update our profile shot on our socials, for online dating, and even just for ourselves! Whatever the reason, when we’re putting ourselves out there, we all want to look our best, amiright? But most people tend to be overly critical, and […]

Tips To Become A Master Grad Photographer When it comes to grads photography, the most beautiful images of senior girls are the ones where the subjects are relaxed and comfortable, because this is where their personalities and spirits will shine. CLG grad and family photographer Kellee Kromarek Hann is a master at senior photography, with […]

Grads Photography – 9 Senior Girl Poses & Prompts

girl poses to use when shooting senior girl

Easy Tips for a Gorgeous Maternity Photo Session

ideas for creative maternity photo ideas

Bronwyn Pickering doesn’t like shooting in any ordinary old location. So it’s lucky she lives in Mildura… a rural town in a pocket of Australia known as the Sunraysia region. The name couldn’t be more fitting… when I think of the area, I picture its golden light, orange earth, dusty tracks and warm tones everywhere. […]