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Newborn And Toddler Photography Tips, Posing & Prompts Finding some inspiring photo ideas when shooting a toddler is challenging enough… throw in a newborn and that’s next level! You could just pop that toddler in the frame at the absolute last second and crazily fire off a round of high speed continuous shots. Bam, done! […]

Toddler & Newborn Photography Guide

newborn and toddler photo ideas

Kids Photography – Capturing Kids at Play

How to Capture Kids at Play! Capturing our kids can be challenging for a variety of reasons, the most common being they simply get sick of our camera in their faces! But what if they’re just busy kids? I’m not just talking about kids who don’t stop moving… …for many of us, the older our […]

Create Dramatic Natural Light Portraits Using Single Window Light It’s a common misconception that when you want to start taking more dramatic portraits, you need to invest in and learn how to use studio lights or off camera flash. Whilst they do obviously have their place, we will show you how to level up your […]

Easy Dramatic Natural Light Portraits

dramatic light photos

Couples Photography – Capturing Love Stories

engagement session ideas

Couples Photography – How to Capture the Love Click Love Grow grad Dana Whitley loves couples photography so much, she decided to make the genre the sole focus of her business. I’d loved all of Dana’s work (especially her photos of her boys… I die!). But in particular, her couples photography always stopped me in […]