Are you thinking about launching your own photography business but not quite sure where to start? (And perhaps not feeling confident enough as yet?) Or perhaps you’re a photographer already running your own business, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out and you don’t know how to turn things around? You’ve seen plenty of people […]

The 5 Things You ‘Need’ To Start a Photography Business

7 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Instagram

7 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Instagram How can you use Instagram to grow your business profile, with a view to increasing leads and ultimately, sales? First up, just in case you’re on the fence… Instagram has millions of active users, and thanks to hashtagging you can put yourself and your product directly in […]

How to Use Photos for Business Storytelling For those of us without a background in marketing, promoting our business can be an overwhelming burden. But business storytelling is a really powerful marketing technique, and it’s easy. What’s even more exciting about it is it’s fun, because it only requires us to be ourselves! I’m going […]

How to Use Photos for Business Storytelling

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Take your own Fabulous Business Headshots

  How’s your profile photo online? Is it fabulous? Do you love it? Is it a true representation of your personality? Or is it a little drab, blurred, or worse still a great angle of you but taken in the dark, out of focus, on your phone? Now don’t get me wrong, I can rock  an iPhone […]

Selling an old shoe on ebay… or proudly sharing your gorgeous new products online, you’re much more likely to generate interest with clear and beautiful images that show it off in the best light (literally). Reflect your branding If your business has an online presence it’s not only important that you show off your products […]

Simple product photography at home