Can you tell by now how amazingly proud we are of our Grads and how much we love our ongoing community!  I think facebook needs to add a “beaming chest” emoji, I think I’d give it a fair work-out! But once our courses finish up, our students don’t go it alone, they jump over […]

Grad Community Stories {Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia}

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A Lake full of Trees

Have you ever kayaked across a lake full of trees? No, me neither… until Mother’s Day this weekend just gone!  Gorgeous Australian friends who also live here in the US invited us to visit them at their their campsite at a local Statepark in Georgia about 1.5hrs from Savannah.  They tucked us into their canoe and […]

Tell Stories with your Travel Photography Ok so I’ll reluctantly admit the holidays are sneaking up on us! So I thought it would be perfect timing to put together some travel photography tips so you can take fabulous photos on your holidays and travels. Documenting our travel adventures through images is not just a way […]

Storytelling Travel Photography

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Drive-by Style! Holiday Photography on the run!

I was recently on holiday with my family – it was a total treat, and I’m super grateful that we were able to spend this time together visiting friends and exploring new parts of the world! Plus as a photographer what more could I ask for… beautiful scenery and action packed days of adventure and travel! A Confession Yet […]

Use These Tips to Take More Creative Vacation Photos Vacation photos have a bad reputation… I have memories of being forced to sit through hundreds of vacation photos from other people’s vacations. Ugh! The overwhelming (or underwhelming as it were) aspect was how boring those photos were! When you consider vacation photos are a record […]

Get Creative With Your Vacation Photos

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