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Drive-by Style! Holiday Photography on the run!

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  1. Raelene Hall says:

    Louise, photography and my holidays go hand in hand but sometimes I do let the photography side take over and regret it. I usually do organised tours which give you some free time to wander and I love that time for taking photos. When actually touring though it’s usually a rush and everyone trying to get that perfect shot.
    I take my dslr and sometimes it is so heavy but I don’t want to miss out. I usually only take one lens though. I find it very hard to see the screen on my phone for photos.
    However I always take way too many photos and when I get home they sit on the computer for ever. I keep meaning to make photo books but then find it too hard to choose which photos to use so end up not doing them.
    I really need to realise that my memories are more important than getting that perfect photo (which always eludes me anyway) and just leave the camera behind/in the hotel room some of the time.

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