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Lots of people think our photography courses only teach you how to capture beautiful portraits. And whilst it’s true that many of our students join for the sole purpose of learning how to take better photos of their kids… our lessons focus on the fundamental technical and creative skills that can be applied to virtually […]

50 Beautiful Photography Ideas When You Have No One To Shoot

12 Stunning Photos Depicting Solitude This week’s highlights reel of images from our fabulous Grads are a handful of our faves from the most recent challenge, the theme of which was “solitude”. I love how our Grads used their focal length, composition or framing (or a combination of all of those skills) to convey a […]

12 Stunning Photos Depicting Solitude

dslr photography lessons

This week’s highlights reel is a gorgeous collection of images from our students in our May Enthusiast Photography Course which just graduated, and our June group who are just over the halfway mark! If you’ve ever struggled to figure out manual mode, and you’re sick of taking hundreds of shots just to fluke a couple […]

CLG Course Love – A Highlights Reel of Enthusiast Student Images

Click Love Grow Grads In The Frame! We mamas don’t get in photos with our kids often enough. It’s true we’re usually on the other side of the camera, but we often have a variety of other excuses as well… I haven’t done my hair, I don’t  have any make up on, I don’t have […]

21 Gorgeous Photos of Mums Getting In The Frame

creative self portrait ideas

A Highlights Reel of Inspiration We love the challenge that lays in the seeming simplicity of a colour themed photo project. Because it’s not just about incorporating the specific colour – the image also needs to be a creative and beautifully eye-catching composition. So in that way, a colour themed photo project really does stretch […]

Creative Photography Ideas: A Colour Inspired Photo Project {Purple}

how to do macro photography

As photographers we’re ingrained to look for light filled locations to take photos that are crisp and well exposed. Aaand as photographers… we often leave the camera untouched when we don’t find that kind of light! But all you need is a small pocket to work with, and a willingness to embrace low light photography, […]

Low Light Photography: 18 Gorgeous Photos Using Pockets of Light

A Highlights Reel of Inspiration At first glance, a colour themed photo challenge might seem a little simplistic… but a definite challenge exists in creating an image that not only meets the colour brief, but is also beautifully eye-catching! So in that way, a colour theme really does stretch your skills and creativity… and isn’t […]

Creative Photography Ideas: A Colour Inspired Photo Project {Pink}

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration & Tips from our Grads! Draw your kids into your photos without the need for bribes by making it fun! Not many kids don’t enjoy water play, and even those children who are a little hesitant or reserved still tend to be curious about water. So all you need […]

10 Gorgeous Water Play Photos

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! Vast areas of negative space is often included in photos mindlessly, the subject gets lost in the frame, and for no good reason. The viewer is left wondering what on earth the photographer was thinking! So does that mean you should always shoot close up, crop tight? No way! […]

10 Spectacular Negative Space Photos

22 Photos of Everyday Moments to Capture Our brand new creative workshop Documenting Family Life kicked off last week, and we’re loving watching on as everyone learns how to view their own everyday moments through new eyes. So this week’s highlights reel of images from our community is a gorgeous collection showcasing  a variety of […]

22 Photos of Everyday Moments to Capture

every day moment photos