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As photographers we’re ingrained to look for light filled locations to take photos that are crisp and well exposed. Aaand as photographers… we often leave the camera untouched when we don’t find that kind of light! But all you need is a small pocket to work with, and a willingness to embrace low light photography, […]

Low Light Photography: 18 Gorgeous Photos Using Pockets of Light

Highlights Reel – 23 Fantastic Grad Images!

Hello hello happy Monday and welcome to our Highlights Reel, a weekly collection (painstakingly curated!) of our fave Grad shot images shared in our Grad’s group and community. Please enjoy, and check out the links for related blog tutorials with fantastic tips you’ll love! Related: Get Sharp Photos of Kids in Motion; Shoot Your Own […]

A Weekly Highlights Reel Of Faceless Photography Inspiration! A great portrait conveys something intangible about the subject. Imagine doing that without including your subject’s face? Exactly that was the task our grads faced last week when they got the theme of Faceless Portraits for their regular challenge. It forces you to think outside the square. […]

21 Faceless Portraits To Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

inspirational faceless portraits

Highlights Reel – 23 of Our Fave Grad Images

It was a little harder than usual this week to narrow down the gorgeous Grad shot images to just a handful of faves for our Highlights Reel! This collection of 21 dreamy photos were a stand out… enjoy and congrats if you were featured! Join my new workshop and learn How to Shoot Pro-Quality Photos […]

When it comes to exposure, there’s no one size fits all, perfect correct exposure. You can expose dark, light and everything in between according to your subject matter and your creative vision. You’ve probably heard the term “dark and moody”, which is a popular term for what amounts to a low key image, and is […]

How to Use Natural Light for Dark & Moody Photos

15 Delicious Food Pictures – A Beginners’ Guide To Food Photography

food photography of veggie wok

Take Your Own Delicious Food Pictures With These Essential Tips Natural light food photography is a fabulously rewarding genre for SO many reasons, that I really want you to try it yourself! Firstly, you can do it in a very small space, even if you don’t have abundant natural light. What’s more, the main subject […]

This week our highlights reel of fave images come from our current creative workshop The Magic of Childhood, where students are having loads of fun exploring documentary and lifestyle photography to capture the magic of their children’s everyday moments in strong storytelling imagery. So naturally, today we’re running with the theme! Enjoy this fabulous collection […]

Tips for Documentary Kids Photography

Click Love Grow Customer Story – Nicoleta Philpot

Who needs a fancy camera with all the confusing buttons and dials when phone cameras are so great these days? Blurry backgrounds, face recognition, portrait mode, landscape mode… phones with 3 cameras for goodness sake! But here’s the thing… no matter how feature packed they become, you still don’t have full creative control. Also, the […]

It’s been another epic week of stunning images over in our private Grads Group, and as always, it’s been hard to narrow it down to just a few to share in our Monday Highlights Reel! This week, we’re celebrating connection. Connection exists almost everywhere we look – between parent and child, between siblings, between lovers, […]

26 Gorgeous Photos Capturing Connection

father and toddler son embracing

Highlights Reel – 23 Standout Grad Photos

Hello, happy Monday and welcome to our regular weekly feature of Grad photos that stood out to us last week! This is our way of giving some love to our wonderful grads, and sharing some inspo with the wider CLG community. Congrats if you were featured and thank you for sharing! So please enjoy this […]