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Our Weekly Highlights Reelof Inspiration! Our June Enthusiast Photography Course started this week with some shiny new students diving enthusiastically into the first lesson! We were spoiled for choice when grabbing our favourites for this week’s top ten… in fact we had to cull our picks back! Please enjoy the selection of inspiring images, alongside […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

Our Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! We had a massive week as we wrapped up our 5 day Kids Photography Challenge… we shared loads of photography secrets to help you take better photos, and it was really rewarding to see people taking such beautiful photos as a result. If you joined in, thank you! Your […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

Pursuing a Creative Dream Kellee is a much loved member of our CLG communities and we are constantly inspired by her work and generosity in sharing in our groups.. so I’m thrilled to share her story with you today. Like many women I know (myself included), Kellee looked to photography as something that was just […]

Spotlight on Kellee Kromarek Hann

“Will the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course really help me take better photos?” If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you’ve just asked yourself that very question! I want to reassure you that you will achieve your goals… and I can do that in a much more powerful way than, well, just telling you […]

Reviews of the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course

Preserve Childhood Memories with Beautiful Words & Photos When I had my first baby, I felt an acute awareness of how quickly the days were flying. I was overwhelmed with tiredness and hormones, and trying to take in every moment, every first, every little bit of growth and change. I worried that it would all […]

A Letter to My Daughter

Our Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! A BIG congratulations to our Advanced Photography Course students on their graduation this week! We’re so proud of all the beautiful images that filled the lesson albums over the last 10 weeks, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow and flourish! And as always, we’re featuring […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

The drive to record childhood memories… Just like Lisa, who we’re featuring today, I was first motivated to start learning photography after my first daughter was born. It’s like something I hadn’t even focused on before ‘clicked’ inside me… and I suddenly needed to be able to capture all the small moments, the big milestones, […]

Spotlight on Lisa O’Doherty

Our Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! This week our Advanced Photography Course students moved onto the lighting module, which delves deep into portrait lighting, and backlighting. The backlighting lesson is always a favourite, and the images in the album were an absolutely stunning use of light! Meanwhile our Enthusiast Photography Course students continue to learn […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

Embracing Photo Challenges for Creative Growth At Click Love Grow we are always encouraging our students and grads to keep learning… and the best thing about our courses is that the fun doesn’t end when you graduate. It’s important to keep practicing what you know and to keep using your skills… but it’s also important […]

How I Became a Better Photographer

How to Grow as a Photographer We’re so lucky at Click Love Grow to be frequently inspired by our grads, and I’m often in awe of the beautiful images they share in our group. A while back I was so excited to see one of our Advanced grads dream big and move mountains to make […]

Shoot for your Dreams