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There are many photography tips on how to use good natural light to create beautiful lifestyle pictures. But how about using low light for a stunning dark house aesthetic? In this article, we’ll share with you some simple tricks you can use to create low light photographs that will amaze everyone. A lack of good […]

Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Tips For a Dark House

lifestyle photography tips for family session in a dark house

How To Use Natural Light For Dark & Moody Photos

dark and moody photo of little girl

When it comes to photo exposure, there’s no one-size-fits-all. You can expose dark, light, and everything in between according to your subject matter and creative vision. You’ve probably heard the concept of dark and moody images. This is a popular term for low key images and is something we teach in-depth in our Advanced Photography Course. So what does low key mean exactly?  […]

Golden hour is a term you would be familiar with even if you’re only a tiny way into your photography learning! Maybe you’re wondering what it is, or why everyone is seemingly mad for it. Or maybe you already know, and you just want to learn how to use it yourself…   What is the […]

10 Golden Hour Photo Tips for Beginners

Kids Photography – Secrets To Taking The Best Bubble Pictures

bubble pictures of toddler boy chasing bubbles in the woods

Click Love Grow Advanced Grad and mentor Emma Davis shows us today how to take beautiful bubble pictures of kids running around, playing, and enjoying some bubbly time!   Tips For Awesome Bubble Photography I love to take pictures of my kids at the park — which is just as well given how much time […]

As photographers, we’re ingrained to look for light-filled locations to take crisp and well-exposed photos. And as photographers…we often leave the camera untouched when we don’t find that kind of light! However, all you need is a small pocket to work with and a willingness to embrace low light photography, low key exposures and, sometimes, […]

Low Light Photography: 18 Gorgeous Photos Using Pockets of Light

low light photography of baby sitting in hall

17 Photos Using Natural Light to Stunning Effect

Natural light is loved by photographers far and wide… and it’s no wonder! It’s beautiful, easy to use, always available during day time, and free!! And even more importantly… it varies in quality to such an extent it’s a powerful creative tool. And so when we saw shot after shot using natural light to stunning […]

Beautifully backlit photos are dreamy, warm, golden, whimsical…what’s not to love? But there’s more to creating a stunning backlit portrait than finding light and putting it behind your subject. Click Love Grow Instructor Merissa Wakefield is a master of backlit photography, and she has shared her top 3 secrets for nailing your next shoot!   […]

3 Secrets To Beautiful Backlit Photos

backlit photos of kid at the beach holding an umbrella

27 Brilliant Photography Tutorials to Inspire You

This week’s highlights reel of images from our Grad’s come complete with our top tips and some of our most popular photography tutorials! Scroll down to find your favourite subject, genre or subject and grab the tips then go practice them! Congrats to our featured Grads! 1. Newborns Not the easiest of subjects but certainly […]

Welcome to this week’s dreamy collection of warm photos using natural soft light sources, taken by our Grads for our recent “sunlight” themed photography challenge.  So take a stroll through these beautiful natural portraits and landscapes, be inspired, gather the tips for shooting in different types of light, and go shoot your own sun-kissed collection! […]

10 Dreamy Photos Using Natural Light Photography

natural light photography tips

6 Backlight Photo Ideas to Try

backlight at the beach with sandy foreshore

Backlight usually makes us think of golden hour beach photos… warm light, sandy feet and sunkissed faces. Yum! But there’s so many ways to use backlight beyond the beach, and today’s highlights reel of images from our talented Grads is the inspiration for this tutorial. Read on experiment with backlight to bring a little magic […]