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NEW Backlight Workshop with Merissa Wakefield


Beautifully backlit photos are dreamy, warm, golden, whimsical… what’s not to love? But there’s more to creating a stunning backlit photo than finding light and putting it behind your subject. Click Love Grow Instructor Merissa Wakefield is a master of backlighting, and she has shared her top 3 secrets for nailing your backlit photos! 1. […]

3 Secrets to Beautiful Backlit Photos

backlit photos

Welcome to this week’s dreamy collection of warm and golden photos all using natural light, taken by our Grads for our recent “sunlight” themed challenge. Take a stroll through, be inspired, gather the tips for shooting in different kinds of light, and go shoot your own sun-kissed collection!   Light Bokeh Aperture is responsible for […]

10 Dreamy Photos Using Natural Light

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My house is dark, especially in the winter time. So for the longest time, when I wanted to photograph my kids, I’d drag them all across the road to the park at golden hour in search of some nice, pretty, predictable natural light. I’d stalk other photographers on Instagram and obsess over their gorgeous indoor […]

A Day In The Light

Our highlights reel this week is a celebration of our Contemporary Portraits Creative Workshop which just finished up earlier this month! This collection was taken by workshop students and our talented mentor Bronwyn Pickering, and are a stunning visual of all they took away when learning how to plan and execute a contemporary portrait session. […]

32 Contemporary Portrait Ideas

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Our highlights reel this week is a collection of our fave images taken by our talented Grads for our most recent challenge in our Grad’s group, the theme of which was “selective focus”. I love these for the focus on details, the storytelling aspect, and the obvious consideration of their surroundings in order to create […]

21 Creative Images Using Selective Focus

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits   Contemporary portrait photography is modern, fun and creative, often characterised by outside the box compositions, unexpected locations, experimental use of light and raw, simple posing that captivates the viewer. Bronwyn Pickering is a CLG Advanced Grad who we would describe as a master at this genre, but the truth […]

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits

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As photographers we’re ingrained to look for light filled locations to take photos that are crisp and well exposed. Aaand as photographers… we often leave the camera untouched when we don’t find that kind of light! But all you need is a small pocket to work with, and a willingness to embrace low light photography, […]

Low Light Photography: 18 Gorgeous Photos Using Pockets of Light

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! Vast areas of negative space is often included in photos mindlessly, the subject gets lost in the frame, and for no good reason. The viewer is left wondering what on earth the photographer was thinking! So does that mean you should always shoot close up, crop tight? No way! […]

10 Spectacular Negative Space Photos

Try These Stunning Rainbow Reflection Photos   Rainbow reflection photos was the theme of a recent challenge in our Grad’s group, and we were so inspired by the fabulous images, so rich in vibrant colour and fun effects, that we decided it would be the subject of this week’s highlights reel and tutorial. All of […]

How to Create Rainbows in Your Photos

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! We all love a beautiful golden backlight photo… the warmth, the golden halos, that dream-like feel… what’s not to love?! But there’s more ways to use backlight than a traditional golden hour portrait, and we’ve seen it used in loads of creative ways in our Grad’s group! So this […]

8 Surprising Ways to Use Backlight for Creative Photos