When it comes to exposure, there’s no one size fits all, perfect correct exposure. You can expose dark, light and everything in between according to your subject matter and your creative vision. You’ve probably heard the term “dark and moody”, which is a popular term for what amounts to a low key image, and is […]

How to Use Natural Light for Dark & Moody Photos

My lensbaby saved my life. Big statement? Ok maybe, but it has definitely played a big part in keeping me sane in 2020! Faced with weeks at home in lockdown at the start of the pandemic, I knew I was going to need to lean on my photography to get me through – supervising home […]

Bring Magic to Your Photos With Lensbaby Omni

toddler boy playing with water

Backlight usually makes us think of golden hour beach photos… warm light, sandy feet and sunkissed faces. Yum! But there’s so many ways to use backlight beyond the beach, and today’s highlights reel of images from our talented Grads is the inspiration for this tutorial. Read on experiment with backlight to bring a little magic […]

6 Backlight Photo Ideas to Try

backlight at the beach with sandy foreshore

Beautifully backlit photos are dreamy, warm, golden, whimsical… what’s not to love? But there’s more to creating a stunning backlit photo than finding light and putting it behind your subject. Click Love Grow Instructor Merissa Wakefield is a master of backlighting, and she has shared her top 3 secrets for nailing your backlit photos! 1. […]

3 Secrets to Beautiful Backlit Photos

backlit photos

I love to take photos of my kids at the park – which is just as well given how much time we spend there! But sometimes my kids photography feels a bit same old, same old, and my toddler loves bubbles. So every now and then, we mix things up a little with some bubble […]

Kids Photography – Bubble Photos

toddler boy chasing bubbles

As photographers we’re ingrained to look for light filled locations to take photos that are crisp and well exposed. Aaand as photographers… we often leave the camera untouched when we don’t find that kind of light! But all you need is a small pocket to work with, and a willingness to embrace low light photography, […]

Low Light Photography: 18 Gorgeous Photos Using Pockets of Light

10 Still Life Photo Ideas This week’s highlights reel is a collection of our ten fave images taken from the Grad’s Group challenge album, the theme of which was Still Life – Hard Light. We loved the creative ideas that came out of this theme, particularly because they show us that all it takes is […]

10 Still Life Photo Ideas Using Hard Light

amber coloured glass with light reflection

We’re loving the fall pictures being shared by our northern hemisphere friends. So this week’s highlights reel is a collection of deliciously rich fall pictures by CLG Grads and Instructors, complete with some handy tips so you can get out and play! Enjoy! Pumpkins Obviously, an article about fall photography has to open with pumpkins! […]

Tips & Inspo for Fabulous Fall Pictures

girl on a fence with autumn trees

Welcome to this week’s dreamy collection of warm photos using natural soft light sources, taken by our Grads for our recent “sunlight” themed photography challenge.  So take a stroll through these beautiful natural portraits and landscapes, be inspired, gather the tips for shooting in different types of light, and go shoot your own sun-kissed collection! […]

10 Dreamy Photos Using Natural Light Photography

natural light photography tips

My house is dark, especially in the winter time. So for the longest time, when I wanted to photograph my kids, I’d drag them all across the road to the park at golden hour in search of some nice, pretty, predictable natural light. I’d stalk other photographers on Instagram and obsess over their gorgeous indoor […]

A Day In The Light